Qualitative Research Methods for the Social Sciences Essay

Qualitative Research Methods for the Social Sciences Essay

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For this discussion, you will explore quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.
Visit: https://www.ohio.edu/library/
In the search bar for Articles Plus, type in your topic of interest stated in your PICOT question from Module I. Click enter (or the magnifying glass)
On the search results screen, change the \”from\” box to 2016 or 2017 and when the screen refreshes, check mark \”Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals\”
From the search results available, select a RESEARCH article of interest to you. Do not select a meta-analysis, systematic review, literature review, study protocol, or mixed methods study.
In your discussion posting:
Upload the article file to your discussion post.


In your own words, answer the following:
1) What type of research study is this? (Qualitative vs. Quantitative). If you can identify what type of qualitative (ie. phenomenology, grounded theory, etc.) or quantitative study (ie. RCT, cohort, longitudinal, etc), please include that as well.
2) Besides a similar statement that this is a \”randomized controlled trial\” or an exact description of the type of study, how do you know this is \”that\” type of study?
3) What is the \”problem\” or the \”what\” identified in the study? (Ex: catheter-associated urinary tract infections [CAUTI]) What is the PURPOSE or \”why\” of the study? (Ex: The purpose of this study is to reduce the rates of CAUTIs)
4) What is the population or sample under study? (Who or maybe what, is being studied)
5) If this is a quantitative study, what is the hypothesis? (It may be explicitly stated or implied). If this is a qualitative study, what is (are) the research question(s)?
6) Provide one example of how you might explore this same topic and similar problem using the opposite type of research. (If your study is quantitative, describe a qualitative example).
7) Do you prefer qualitative research or quantitative research? Explain

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