Create an essay on soft skills in healthcare

Soft skills


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Create an essay on soft skills in healthcare
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Create an essay on soft skills in healthcare


List and identify a minimum of 8 soft skills that are important to have in a healthcare position.

Describe the importance of each soft skill and provide an example of how it may be used in a healthcare setting.

Provide one page for each soft skill (min 250 words). In each paragraph, highlight in yellow a minimum of two medical terms. Identify five nouns, five pronouns, five verbs, five adjectives, and five adverbs by placing the appropriate mark before the word. [ i.e. (n), (pn), (v), (aj), (av)]

Assignment Expectations


Length: 2000-2500 words; answers must thoroughly address the prompts in a clear, concise manner


Structure: Include a title page and reference page in APA style. These do not count towards the minimal word amount for this assignment. Each of the soft skills must use a level one heading to divide the paragraphs.


References: Use the appropriate APA style in-text citations and references for all resources utilized to answer the questions. Include at least three (3) scholarly citations to support your claims.


Sample Answer


Soft Skills in Healthcare


Empathy can be defined as the capacity of a person to (v)share and understand the (n)feelings and experiences of (pn)others. For health care professionals, empathy refers to (pn)their ability to be (aj)sensitive and (aj)understanding of a patient’s needs, feelings, and condition. Empathy is a vital soft (n)skill across different health care positions since care (n)professionals are expected to (v)engage (av)regularly with patients in a (aj)sensitive manner and in recognition of (pn)their current health situation (Park & Chung, 2015). An empathetic (n)nurse, physician, or other clinical personnel needs empathy to (av)thoroughly (v)understand the patient’s world by taking the patient’s perspective rather than (av)arrogantly (v)imposing (pn)their personal views and mindset on the patient. Empathy allows the health care professionals to (v)acknowledge the (n)values, beliefs, and attitudes of the (n)patient and how (pn)these factors (v)contribute to the (n)decisions made by (pn)that patient. As such, empathy (av)often contributes to delivery of (aj)quality and (aj)effective care.

Empathy is a crucial soft skill in health care because it improves the ability of the health and medical (n)personnel to (v)provide care to the (n)patient. Taking an (aj)empathetic approach to care improves the ability of the health care professionals to (av) accurately (v)diagnose the patient and (av)deeply understand (pn)their (aj)unique condition or illness. An empathetic approach allows the patient to (v)express (pn)his or (pn)her anxieties and worries without fear of ridicule. Empathy contributes to (aj)improved patient outcomes by allowing the healthcare professionals to (v)understand the (n)challenges of the patient because patients express (pn)themselves (av)freely when (v)engaging with (aj)empathetic professionals. In this way, the patient feels (av)safer in their environment and (v)develops a (aj)strong bond with (pn)their (n)caregiver. Therefore, empathy allows the health care professionals and the patients to (av)readily cultivate (aj)meaningful relationships with (pn)their patients on the basis of respect, understanding and (aj)mutual trust. Furthermore, empathy increases patient satisfaction with the health care (n)services.


Flexibility is the ability if a person to adapt to different (n)situations and expectations. A (aj)flexible person has the capability to (av)effectively (v)change, (v)improvise or shift their (n)approach or strategy when they face new challenges or circumstances. Flexibility is an important soft skill across all health care positions because care professional (av)frequently (v)grapple with (aj)new (n)problems and challenges in their line of work. Flexibility is an (aj)essential soft skill since care (n)professionals are (av)normally work in (av)continually evolving health care settings such as (aj)primary care and (aj)acute care settings. As such, the health care professional needs to be (av)adaptable to the changing care setting in order to (v)provide high quality care.  Health care professionals are required to tap into their (aj)flexibility to (v)offer care and (n)support to patients in (aj)diverse situations and environments.

Health care professionals needs to have flexibility since the fields of healthcare, and (n)medicine are (av)continuously evolving. The health care (n)professional has to (av)frequently (v)apply their (aj)adaptability to (v)apply new health care approaches such as (aj)evidence-based practice. Health care professionals can enhance (pn)their flexibility through education, training and capacity development. (pn)Such approaches allow the professional to acquire (aj)new (n)skills and knowledge to improve (pn)their ability to (v)provide care in (aj)diverse (n)environments and to (aj)diverse patients. Flexibility is a useful soft skill for health care professionals because it can help care professionals to (av)quickly (v)build (pn)their resilience to persevere through (v)emerging problems and challenges related to delivery of care. Flexible health care professionals are (av)usually equipped to respond to new challenges (av)when (v)providing (n)care. Flexibility ensures that a health care professional is open to new approaches and ideas to improve (pn)their abilities and enhance the quality of care at (pn)their organization.

Communication skills

Communication skills refer to the ability of a person to (v)relay (pn)their message and also (v)receive messages. Communication skills encompass such aspects as (v)speaking, listening, writing, and (aj)non-verbal (n)communication. Communication skills allow health care professionals to (av)continually (v)exchange and share (pn)their ideas, opinions, information, and knowledge (av)when providing care. The ability to (v)communicate (av)effectively is a (aj)critical soft skill in health care since care professionals interact with each (pn)other (av)continuously in the care setting. For instance, (n)physicians and (n)nurses (av)regularly share information about (pn)their patient’s condition, treatment, and care. Consequently, health care communications need the (n)skills to relay such information in a (aj)clear and (aj)precise manner (pn)that is free of ambiguities and misinformation. Effective communication improves the quality of care by ensuring (aj)effective treatment and minimizing medical errors. Communication skills also improve the quality of care by enabling interprofessional collaboration within health care (n)teams.

Communication skills allow health care professionals to (v)engage with (n)patients from (aj)diverse cultural backgrounds which requires (pn)them to have (av)active (v)listening skills. Through effective communication, health care professionals can (v)provide (aj)culturally-sensitive care. Communications skills in the health care setting facilitate the process of patient education (av)where the care professionals (v)impart information to patients on a range of (n)issues related to (pn)their treatment and care. Patient education requires the health care professional to (v)communicate (av)clearly and (av)concisely with an awareness of (pn)their patient’s level of (n)knowledge. Health care professionals are expected to communicate in a (av)confident manner that instills trust in the patients. Written communication between health care professions and with (n)patients and (pn)their families should be (aj)concise and (aj)easy to understand in order to minimize the risk of errors and misinformation. (aj)Excellent communication skills inspire trust and reinforce interpersonal relationships among care professionals (pn)themselves and with patients.


Teamwork encompasses the activities and (n)processes that enable members of teams and groups to collaborate towards the attainment of (pn)their (aj)shared (n)goals. The soft skill of teamwork is (aj)essential in health care positions because care professionals are (av)typically required to (v)work with (pn)others in the care setting to provide (aj)quality care and treatment to patients. Teamwork is a useful skill because it allows for the health care professional to (v)collaborate within interdisciplinary teams comprising of physicians, nurses, clinical technicians, and other professionals (Rosen et al., 2018). Teamwork improves the efficiency and effectiveness of (n)teams in the health care setting since the different professionals can (av)easily (v)collaborate to deliver care. Teamwork is essential in health care because it allows professionals to (v)share (pn)their (n)ideas and information more (av)freely and (av)regularly. The variety of knowledge and ideas in the clinical setting allows care professionals to fulfill (pn)their responsibilities within the (n)team and provide (aj)high-quality care by (av)effectively (v)tapping into (pn)their (aj)collective abilities and knowledge.

Teamwork is a (aj)significant soft (n)skill in health care positions because (pn)it (av)usually (v)cultivates a (aj)common purpose among professionals with (aj)varied experience, qualifications and skills. Teamwork ensures that all the professionals and (n)personnel involved in (v)providing care to patients are driven by a (aj)common purpose which is to improve (n)patient outcomes. Teamwork is a crucial skill in healthcare because (pn)it (v)contributes to patient safety by (av)drastically (v)reducing the number of errors. Teamwork skills improve clinical performance by enabling health care professionals to fulfill (pn)their individual responsibilities within the (av)entire process of care from admission to (v)discharge. Teamwork is a (aj)crucial soft skill in all health care positions because (pn)it promotes improvements in the patient’s overall (n)experiences. As such, teamwork improves patient outcomes and (av)considerably enhances patient satisfaction (pn)their health care.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking refers to the ability of an individual to (av)exhaustively (v)evaluate an issue, (v)synthesize information, and (av)thereafter (v)develop an informed (n)judgment of (pn)that issue. Critical thinking is a (aj)mandatory skill across all health care positions. Critical thinking allows health care professionals to make prudent decisions (av)when (v)providing care to (n)patients. The care professional is required to tap into (pn)their (aj)critical thinking abilities to (av)broadly understand challenges that emerge during the provision of care and develop (aj)effective and (aj)practical solutions to those problems. As such, (aj)critical thinking strengthens the problem-solving abilities of the health care (n)professional in the clinical setting (Zuriguel et al., 2015). A health care professional who thinks (av)critically has the (n)self-awareness to (v)understand the limits of (pn)their knowledge and thereby (av)sensibly seek more (n)information to improve the (aj)quality of (pn)their decisions. For instance, a health care professional will seek evidence to guide (pn)their diagnosis of the patient or inform the treatment options to follow.

Critical thinking is a crucial soft skill across all health care (n)positions because care professionals are expected to be (aj)flexible and (aj)open to new (n)evidence. Health care professional have to (av)extensively (v)incorporate existing (n)knowledge and information in (pn)their practice. Subsequently, health care professionals are expected to apply open-mindedness when (v)evaluating medical data to improve (pn)their ability to make (aj)informed (n)decisions. As such, (aj)critical thinking allows care professionals to (v)provide high quality care to (pn)their patients. Critical thinking is vital especially (av)when (v)providing care in complex care settings. Critical thinking ensures that the health care professional explores different (n)viewpoints and perspectives (av)when (v)solving problems during the cycle of care. Critical thinking improves health care delivery by ensuring that health care professionals know all the implications of (pn)their decisions and actions (av)when providing care. Moreover, critical thinking is a useful soft skill because (pn)it (av)effectively supports the development of (aj)effective and (aj)reliable clinical processes.

Time Management

Time management is the ability of a person to utilize (pn)their (n)time (av)productively and (av)effectively. Time management is an (aj)essential soft (n)skill for professionals in health care because professionals are expected to (av)efficiently (v)optimize (pn)their time in the care setting to (v)facilitate the attainment of clinical goals. Time management skills improve the capacity of the health care (n)professional to handle (pn)their responsibilities and fulfill their (n)roles in an (av)effective way. Time management requires the health care professionals to plan (pn)their work hours in a way that (av)maximizes time and (v)enables (aj)timely delivery of care. Time management skills are crucial when the health care professional prioritizes their tasks to ensure (aj)efficiency in the provision of care. Time management skills are (aj)crucial in health care since (pn)they allow care professionals to (av)successfully (v)cope with time limitations and the pressures of (n)deadlines. Consequently, time management allow health care professional to overcome the stress (v)emanating from their (aj)demanding roles.

Time management is an essential soft skills because (pn)it enables health care professionals to (av)effectually (v)monitor (pn)their utilization of (n)professional and personal time to (v)create a work-life balance. A work-life balance increases the health care professional’s satisfaction with their job, (av)considerably minimizes exhaustion and improves psychological health. Therefore time management (av)significantly (v)combats feelings of burnout in the care setting. The time management skills are supported by organizational (n)skills. An (aj)organized health care professional is (aj)methodical and (aj)organized in the fulfillment of (pn)their (n)role. The professional understands their work (n)schedule and (av)faithfully follows that (pn)work schedule. Time management is a (aj)crucial skill for health care professionals because of the interruptions and distractions that are (av)bound to (v)emerge in the care environment. In such cases, time management allows the health care (n)professional to make up for lost time and (v)complete (pn)their (n)responsibilities to an (aj)exemplary degree.


A detail-oriented person displays (aj)close attention to the details of (pn)their (n)tasks or any activity at hand. Health care professionals are required to be (aj)detail-oriented people due to the nature and demands of (pn)their (n)job. Firstly, attention to detail is important for health care professionals because (n)mistakes in (pn)their line of work (av)usually (v)cause medical errors. Such errors can have (aj)adverse impacts on the health and safety of patients. In some situations, medical errors can (av)potentially cause death. When the health care professional (v)administers care, (pn)they are expected to have (av)widely (v)examined and (av)deeply understood all aspects of care concerning (pn)their (n)patient. The professional is (av)normally required to examine the patient’s medical records, treatment history, and other relevant data before (v)proposing or implementing a (av)particular treatment (n)plan. A (aj)detail-oriented health care professional learns to (v)follow instructions without omitting any steps or processes (aj)essential to delivery high quality care.

Detail-oriented health care professionals are in a (n)position to (v)provide high quality care since (pn)they (v)recognize and (av)devotedly follow all the requirements of treatment. For since, a (aj)detail-oriented health care (n)professional will ensure that (pn)their patient receives the (aj)correct dosage of a (aj)particular medication. The detail-oriented professional keeps (aj)extensive (n)details of all activities across the care process to (v)guarantee the existence of (aj)accurate and (aj)reliable medical records (av)when providing care. Thereby, detail orientation in health care ensures that (n)patients can receive quality care while in the hands of (pn)any care professional. Attention to detail is a critical soft skill in health care since care professionals are (av)often (v)expected to (v)monitor the condition of the (n)patient (av)closely and observe any changes to (pn)their condition. (pn)Such keen (n)observations form the basis of (n)diagnosis or (n)treatment and contribute to (av)highly improved patient outcomes.

Work Ethic

            Work ethic refers to the capacity of a (n)person to (v)maintain moral and ethical values related to working in (pn)their (aj)particular line of work. Professionals in health care are (av)normally expected to manifest a strong work ethic to (v)support the fulfillment of (pn)their (n)duties and achievement of health care (n)goals. Firstly, work ethic is a (aj)crucial soft skill because health care professionals are required to show dedication to (pn)their roles in the clinical setting (av)when caring for patients. A dedicated health care professional (v)undertakes their role to the (av)best of their ability at all times. A health care professional with a strong work ethic is (aj)dependable and (aj)reliable. Such a health care professional can be relied on to (v)carry out (pn)their (n)responsibilities to an (av)effective and (av)satisfactory degree. Discipline is a core (n)component of the work ethic. A (aj)disciplined care professional is (av)punctually available at the hospital and leaves work only after (pn)they have (v)completed their (aj)assigned duties and tasks.

Health care professionals with a (aj)strong work ethic meet and (v)exceed expectations (av)when (v)providing care to (n)patients. Care professionals adhere to work ethics by upholding accountability and integrity in (pn)their (n)practice. The professional (av)avoids (v)engaging in actions that could be perceived as misconduct or malpractice.  A (aj)strong work ethic is manifested in health care professionals who (v)provide competent care (pn)that contributes to positive patient outcomes. As such, a health care professional (av)dutifully adheres to the (aj)highest (n)standards of professionalism (av)when fulfilling (pn)their (n)roles and (n)responsibilities. Health care professionals with a (aj)strong work ethic always seek opportunities to improve (pn)their skills in order to provide (aj)competent, patient-centered care. A care professional with a strong work ethic (av)easily (v)collaborates with (pn)others in the clinical setting to deliver (aj)high-quality care and improve patient safety (Rosen et al., 2018).




Park, J. H., & Chung, S. K. (2015). The relationship among self-esteem, empathy, communication skill and clinical competency of nursing students. Journal of the Korea Academia-Industrial cooperation Society16(11), 7698-7707.

Rosen, M. A., DiazGranados, D., Dietz, A. S., Benishek, L. E., Thompson, D., Pronovost, P. J., & Weaver, S. J. (2018). Teamwork in healthcare: Key discoveries enabling safer, high-quality care. American Psychologist73(4), 433.

Zuriguel Perez, E., Lluch Canut, M. T., Falco Pegueroles, A., Puig Llobet, M., Moreno Arroyo, C., & Roldan Merino, J. (2015). Critical thinking in nursing: Scoping review of the literature. International journal of nursing practice21(6), 820-830.

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