Discrepancy Problem and Hypothesis Essay

Discrepancy Problem and Hypothesis Essay

Research Question

“Moana Tries to go beyond the Reef” movie clip involves Moana, the subject, who embarks on a voyage to go beyond the reef with the aim of getting more fish (the project). She encounters different barriers along the way, preventing her from achieving her goal. This discussion presents the problem, discrepancies, the facts establishing the current problem, and the hypothesis based on the Moana movie clip.

The primary problem in this clip is the inability to go beyond the reef and catch more fish. According to Vrchota et al. (2020), environmental assessment is essential for a project’s sustainability. The current discrepancy is that anyone should be able to assess the sea and determine if it is safe to go beyond the reef and if they have the requirements. Still, Moana, in this case, tries to go without assessing the sea and identifying the requirements. Different facts based on the movie establish the current problem.

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Discrepancy Problem and Hypothesis Essay

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The lack of a contingency plan is one of the facts that led to the inability to go beyond the reef. Moana did not know what to do, especially when the violent waves destabilized her boat. The other fact is inadequate planning on the voyage. From the clip, it is clear that Moana did not have all the necessary requirements to help her overcome the waves since she had not planned. Additionally, it is evident that ineffective communication between Moana and her grandmother, who would have advised her, led to the problem. Reyna (2021) notes that ineffective communication leads to misinformation, which may adversely affect a project’s success. The other fact is the unfavourable environment. The sea had violent waves, destabilizing Moana’s boat and distracting her from reaching the reef.

The hypothesis developed from the clip is: does planning and communication, and when the sea is favourable, contribute to the ability to go beyond the reef and catch more fish?


Reyna V. F. (2021). A scientific theory of gist communication and misinformation resistance, with implications for health, education, and policy. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America118(15), e1912441117. https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1912441117

Vrchota, J., Řehoř, P., Maříková, M., & Pech, M. (2020). Critical success factors of the project management in relation to industry 4.0 for sustainability of projects. Sustainability13(1), 281. https://doi.org/10.3390/su13010281


Watch the Moana movie clip (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QH1CGte4Suo). and discuss what you see as the barriers and variables (factors) that might have interfered with the subject being able to engage in the project she wanted to do?

1) What is the BIG PROBLEM? ( There are more than one)

2) What do you see as the discrepancy?

3) craft four facts based in the movie that establish the current problem.

4) After identifying the current problem (and there are more than one — so take your pick), write your therefore hypothesis as to what Moana might need (a prediction) to achieve her goal.

Content should be meaningful and relevant in answering all questions asked. It is important to add a thought-provoking question in your response to peers to elicit engaging discussions.

Proper in-text citations for facts should be provided along with a minimum of 2 references and in-text citations for the initial post.


This will be your first attempt at writing up a discrepancy, building the argument for the problem, providing your hypothesis, and finally a research question.

Choose a simple discrepancy that you have noticed at work. Things should be like this, but they are like that. Below is an example – please find your own problem from your work.

Big problem: Post-Operative Pneumonia in persons over 65 years of age cause disability and can cause death.

Current Discrepancy: All patients, especially those over 65 at risk for post-op pneumonia should be able to get pre-op teaching that includes proper use of an Incentive Spirometer (IS), but many patients, especially those over 65, do not get proper instructions during pre-operative education on the use of the incentive spirometer.

Find four facts that help to build the current argument about the problem:

1) Incentive spirometers (IS) when used properly, increase lung expansion postoperatively (Eltorai et al. 2018).

2) IS and patient lung expansion reduces the incidence of postoperative pneumonia (Eltorai et al. 2018).

3) Patients over 65 who are undergoing surgery with general anesthesia are at higher risk for post-operative pneumonia (Marshall et al. 2021).

4) Routine pre-operative education includes information on the use of IS for post-operative use,

However, not all nurses provide the same pre-operative education with instructions for incentive spirometer use. (Current problem)

Research Question: Are all patients who receive pre-operative education taught how to use an incentive spirometer?

OR Are patients who receive pre-operative education on incentive spirometer use less likely to have post-op pneumonia?

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Discrepancy Problem and Hypothesis Essay

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