NRS440 Assignments

NRS440 Assignments

NURS4685 Capstone

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NRS440 Assignments
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Module 1 Assignment

Capstone Project – Outcomes and Content

In this assignment, you will identify and introduce your area of focus: , Education, or Nurse Practitioner.  After reviewing the articles for a particular issue you will introduce this issue and explain why this is important to you. Assignment due by 2359 CST Saturday of Module 1 to blackboard.  Please refer to syllabus for late submission penalties.


•             Identify interest and strengths.

•             Select one of the 3 focus areas for Capstone Project


Use this rubric to guide your work on the Week 2 assignment.

Introduction of Focused Area: Nursing Administration, Education, or Nurse Practitioner.

Introduction of Capstone Project. Identification of area of Interest and Strengths and why important.

NURS4685 Capstone

Module 2 Assignment

In this assignment, you will

1. Find 2 articles on the use of SMART goals/objectives: what are they, how are they used, and why they can be a useful tool.  Summarize content of each article by writing a summary paragraph for each.

2. Next, select 3 peer reviewed articles that address your chosen area of focus for you Capstone Project. You will use these to cite your Capstone Project goals/objectives. A table is provided in the assignment document for your use.

3. Lastly, create a minimum of 3 and no more than 5 goals/objectives for your Capstone Project.

Remember:  You must use in-text citations and references using correct .

NURS4685 Capstone

Module 3 Assignment  

In this assignment, you will describe the subject, problems, or issues you want to address. You will answer the following questions:

How do we know this is a problem or issue?

Who needs the information about the problem or issue?

What are possible solutions?

How will dissemination of this researched information impact behavior?


Describe in the space below the topic, problem, or issue within the focus area that your Capstone Project will address. Explain why this issue is important and why you selected it in particular. Provide examples of situations related to the issue in your practice and other examples you might expect to see in your selected focus area.


Describe in the space below your target audience, including the setting for which your information dissemination will be planned. This project is designed for an in-person setting so an internet or online audience/setting would not be appropriate for your presentation. You may mention other populations who would benefit from this information as well, but explain why you decided to address your target audience.


In your Capstone Project, you will be developing a mechanism to disseminate important information related to the topic you have selected. Explain, in detail, the impact of directing this information to the appropriate audience(s). Please make sure you have considered all aspects (financial, regulatory, accrediting, safety and patient satisfaction outcome, issues and aspects of the implication):

Outcomes and Content

You have already submitted your draft Outcomes and Content topics, so you need to use the provided grid and make any needed changes. For this assignment, you must also include at least three references per outcome. You may include references that are not from peer-reviewed journals, but be judicious in their use, and do not include those in your count of required articles. Remember that all references must be less than five years old.


In the grid, describe each visual aid, handout, and/or verbal presentation/demonstration that your information dissemination would include. You may use the same strategies for each outcome, or you may “mix and match”. Here are some of the types of visual aids you might use:

Slides (like PowerPoint)









Here are some of the types of verbal strategies you might use:



Guided questions

Expert panel

Guided hands-on training

Be sure to include a Q&A session for the conclusion of your presentation.


In the grid, record the amount of time needed for each activity or part of your presentation. Include time for Q&A at the end of the presentation.

Please review this example for the grid

NURS4685 Capstone

Module 4 Assignment  

Open theN4685 Module 4.Resume Assignment link to guide your writing.

Create your own professional resume or curriculum vitae, including your anticipated BSN graduation date.

Upload and submit by Saturday 2359 of Module 4.


You may have created a resume in a previous RN BSN course.  If so, use that one for this assignment.  You will need to update it with your BSN credentials and date of graduation plus any other work experiences or skills you may have added since you first wrote that resume.

First, determine whetheryou should compose anew resumeoruse the one you created in the past.Then investigate resume formats provided on the internet to see what format best showcases your experience and career highlights.

Keep in mind that resumes are concise documents that allows a perspective employer to quickly decide if you are candidate for the position and should be interviewed further as the employment process proceeds.  Don’t be surprised if you are asked to participate in a screening interview that may be held either online or over the phone.  This process narrows down the qualified applicants to those exceptional few that will be interviewed on site for the position.  Your goal is to be one of those exceptional few!

Headings most often consist of an overall career goal(s), education, past experience, notable professional accomplishments and/or special skills.  If you speak another language this is a good place to indicate what language and how proficient are you.  If you have special computer skills such as database management include that skill too. If you have a previous degree or experience such as military service, mission work, or Peace Corps, don’t forget to include those experiences too.  If you are a published author include that information along with publications.

Once you have created your resumeorcurriculumvitae,have anotherperson objectively critiqueit.Youwanttopresentyourselfprofessionally,so errorsorlackofclarityare“show- stoppers!”


•             Create aprofessional resume.

•             Demonstrate professional written communication skills.

NURS4685 Capstone

Module 5 Assignment 1

Open the link: N4685 Module 5- Project Presentation and Evaluation Rubric.2020.docx

Upload and submit this Assignment by 2359 CST SATURDAY of Module 5.

Submit your completed PowerPoint Presentation with speaker notes to this assignment portal.

Overview: Capstone Project–Presentation and Evaluation

Your project should represent high-qualitywork–something you would expectto see in a professional setting. Perhaps your employer will be interestedinfacilitating itsuse in areal-life situation!

You will upload your PowerPoint for grading. You will also upload theformsordocumentsyouwould useforevaluation(two evaluation toolswill be created) ofyourinformation dissemination.These mightbein theform ofinformalobservation recordsand/or formaltestsor questionnaires. (This evaluation portion will be submitted as one Word document. See below for all that must be included). There is a separate portal for each portion of the assignment in Blackboard.


Design evaluation tools to accompany yourproject.

Locate peer-reviewed articles discussing evidence-based nursingpractice.?

Design evaluationtools toaccompany your project. ?


You willcreate your project’spresentationandevaluationtoolsasan electronicfiles.

PowerPoint Portion of Assignment (Assignment 2):


You will submitaPowerPointpresentationcontainingatitleslide,10-15 slideseach with comprehensive contentdemonstrating useofyourpeer-reviewed sources,andreference slides.Remember toinclude asourceforeachimageorgraphicincludedon theslides; thisis easiestdonedirectlyonthe slide under ornexttothe image.Your “talkingpoints”are considered speakernotesand shouldcontain20-30 minutesof “talk time.” Informationread directlyfrom theslide shouldbe included inthe speakernotes.Werecommend you time yourselfwhile readingyourspeakernotestodetermine ifyourpresentationiswithin the 20-30 minutesforcontent. Your speaker notes should be written exactly as you would be speaking to your audience. You do need to include citations in your speaker notes. Be sure to include all of your references on the reference slide(s).

NURS4685 Capstone

Module 5 Assignment 2

Please submit your evaluation assignment into this portal. Submit as one Word document and be sure to include all of the required portions of the assignment.


Design and discuss evaluation methods by the following criteria:

Content is current

Content is age/developmentally appropriate



Evaluation Portion of Project (Assignment 3):

(This will be one document with all of the following included in that document)

Title Page

Create atitle page according tothestandard for the UTACollege ofNursing.

Evaluation (2 Tools are required – one for quality and one for content)

You maycreatea newWorddocumentfor mostofthetypesofevaluation toolsyou would use,such astests, questionnaires,chartsforobservations notes, etc. Createtwo evaluationtools.Include all in thesamefile asseparatepages with clearheadingsand instructionsdesignatingthe use ofeachtool.

Other typesofevaluation toolsyoumight use aredatabasesor spreadsheets. Itis important that you designsuchtoolssothat you need only to upload andsubmitonefile, though,soif you use a combination ofWord documentsandspreadsheets, copy/pastethe contentsofthe spreadsheetsintotheWorddocument to createasinglefile.

Evaluation form requirements: You must submit two evaluation forms. One form will address evaluation of content (example: a post-test or survey, audit form) and one form will address quality (rate the presentation, speaker, and environment; consider using a Likert scale). Remember you will create both forms for this assignment. Do not copy forms from other sources.  Include the time, place, and who you presented presentation. Also, discussion on the methods you used to evaluate your project.  Include why the method, how you will use the results, and plans for improvement.


You will include the full completed grid from Module 3. Please be sure to make any needed changes based on feedback from your coach.

Evaluation Paragraph

You must include at least a paragraph (minimum 100 words) to discuss the methods to evaluate your Project. Include why the method you have chosen to evaluate the project is appropriate. Include in your paragraph how will you will take results from the evaluation and change or improve the presentation.

Reference Page

Create a formal reference page including all of your nine (or more) references from your project. Please be sure to use formal APA format. Refer to your APA manual for any questions.

NURS4685 Capstone

Module 6 Assignment  

eflecting On Your Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Think way back to your Personal Philosophy of Nursing paper that you wrote in the very first RN BSN nursing course N3345 Transition to Professional Nursing…..

Answer these three questions in a short essay style paper (2-3 pages) plus a cover page (see grading rubric for specifics).

1.  Describe how your 2, 5, and 10 year career plan may have changed since you started the RN BSN program based on  future trends and opportunities identified in your chosen area of focus (administration, education or clinical practice). Be sure to include at least 2 specific examples of how your behaviors, attitudes, and practices have changed and why.

2. How have you expanded or changed your personal philosophy of nursing since you started the RN BSN program? Include insights and at least 2 specific examples of how your behaviors, attitudes, and/or practices have changed regarding role of the professional nurse as a result of the RN BSN program.

3.  Would you describe yourself as a lifelong learner?  Why?

NURS4685 Capstone

Module 7 Assignment  

Overview: SynthesisPaper

You have been reflecting onchanges you have undergone sincebeginning thisprogram in eachof yourJournal entries inthiscourse.Now you will synthesize those reflections, plusany other insightsintoapaperarticulatingyourRNtoBSN educational journey. You will use your module Journal entries as well as examples from other RN BSN courses to construct the Synthesis paper.


Synthesis Paper in areflectiveactivity comprised of your experience in the RN BSN program.

You will address your experiences before the RN BSN program, you as a lifelong learner, you in the continuum of novice to expert in the professional nursing role, an account of your role transition to a professional nurse, and an evaluation of the program.

The Synthesis Paper will reflect your understanding and use of APA format and scholarly writing.

Rubric–Synthesis Paper

The following rubricwill be used to grade theSynthesis Paper.  The paper has 6 sections:


Before RN-BSN Program

Lifelong Learning

Novice to Expert

Synthesis of Role Transition to Professional Nursing


The paper must have title page, reference page, plus no more than 4 pages that address the 6 sections of the paper outlined in the grading rubric.  So with the title page, 4 pages for the body of the paper, and the reference page, the Synthesis Paper must not be more than 6 total pages using 12-point Times Roman font.

The first 2 grading criteria noted in the rubric below apply to all sections of the paper. APA format, scholarly writing, grammar and spelling are graded in each section.  Use Spell Check and Grammar Check!

In-text citations are required to support each section when you discuss the RNBSN courses or the program.  Points will be deducted if this information is not detailed and referenced in the document and on the reference page. References need to be evidence-based if you choose to reference literature instead of information in RNBSN courses.


Studytherubrictodetermine theexpectationsforeachsection ofthepaper. Noticethat you arerequiredto cite atleastoneresearcharticle or specificRN-BSNcoursetopicoractivityfor each section.Locateandrecord citationsforarticles you maywanttoreference,and skim the articlestoreviewthe contents.Createan outline thatincorporatesyour main ideasintoeach section. Followthe outline andtherubrictowritea roughdraft.Youmaywantto draft your paperbyhand, oryou mightprefer to“type as yougo,”editingandmakingchangesboth during and afterwriting the draft.

Your final documentshould include a title page, all 6 sections of the as identified in the grading rubric, and a reference page.Including title and reference pages the paper is not to exceed 6 pages.  Part of scholarly writing is to be concise in your writing.  The Coach is instructed to grade the title page, the first 4 pages of the body of the paper, and the reference page.  If the Synthesis Paper is longer than 6 total pages points may be deducted based on grading rubric sections that were not addressed in the allotted 6 pages.

Thetitlepage and paper are in APA format.

Yourwriting should be infirstperson, andis expected toinclude opinionsand personal statements, buthavea professional tone.It should flowas anarrative, mostlychronological description your progression through the program including your reflections on specific nursing courses and reflections throughout the program.

Besuretoinclude afinalpagetitled “References,”andcite yourreferencesin correctAPAformats.Reference list will include any RN-BSN courses oractivities in APAformat.

Each sectionmust contain 3-4 well constructed, grammatically correct sentences supported by citations and references as appropriate. Ensurethat yourwriting isinformative and interesting,not redundant.

After your write yourpaper, set it aside and review it again several hourslaterorthenext day.Readit fromanobjective viewpointto seeifit flowsandmakes sense. Ifnot, makenecessarychanges. Havesomeoneelse proofread yourpaper bothforcontentandgrammatical accuracyisa vital step. Read your paper out loud before submitting it.  Hearing yourself read your own written words can find those last minute mistakes or incomplete thoughts before you submit the paper for grading.

NRS440 Assignments

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