Social Media Strategy

The topic of the research is content and media strategy. I’m required as a student to research and analyze the current performance of my client, and provide, advices, recommendations, and plan to my client which is a hotel (Room Mate Aitana).

The first task is to conduct an interview and ask questions to better understand their current strategy. You can find below the interview questions and answers.

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Social Media Strategy
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based on the interview and the use of theory we provide advises and recommendation to the client on how to improve their social media strategy.

The structure that you should follow:
1- Explain each topic with the use of theory.
2- reflect on the interview answers to explain the current situation of my client’s social media performance.
3- Thirdly, provide advices and recommendation to the client with the use of the selected theory.

It is important to use theory and resources in each topic, to explain it first to the reader, then describe the current status of the hotel in that topic, finally provide recommendation based on theory.

You can check the attachment of student work, and read the teacher’s feedback to better understand the task.

note: in few days I will add answers to the questions in topic “workflow”


Sample Answer


Social Media Strategy

The client is Room Mate Aitana, a hotel located in Amsterdam. The paper will analyse the current performance of the client to identify challenges and issues around the company’s social media strategy. The analysis will form the basis for a range of recommendations to improve Room Mate Aitana’s social media strategy.

Content Organisation

            Content organisation encompasses the range of processes undertaken to plan and develop content for the organisation. Analysis of content organisation encompasses an analysis of the personnel at the hotel in terms of their positions along with their skills, knowledge, and responsibilities. Exploration of content organisation at Room Mate Aitana also entails reviewing the structures that the personnel operates within and the workflow processes that enable successful content planning and creation.

Personnel, Skills, Knowledge, and Responsibilities

Each organisation requires to have the right personnel in various positions. The right personnel has the requisite qualifications for their job in terms of their skillset and knowledge. In content organisation, the main roles and responsibilities surround planning and creation of the content that the hotel will publish across the various social media platforms that the organisation manages profiles. Content planning requires personnel with the skills and knowledge to determine which content to create and when to publish the content to facilitate the attainment of organisational goals around social media marketing (Strechman, 2021). Content creation refers to the process of translating ideas into content that appeals to the target audience.

Room Mate hotel has four employees who oversee the content organisation processes. Irene fulfils demand generation tasks. Irene oversees the responsible for the scalable, predictable, and repeatable process of demand generation. Irene is also tasked with creating a sales pipeline by guiding prospects all the way through the funnel, from anonymous to delighted customers. Christian is the digital and content specialist. Christian is tasked with developing content for the company’s digital platforms which are the hotel’s website, mobile application, podcast series, and social media channels. Paula is the marketing operation manager. Paula is tasked with administering the marketing project and campaign planning, creative production process management, technological infrastructure, data and analytics, and brand compliance. Finally, Simone is the organisation’s graphic designer. Simone has the responsibility of creating the visual content. Finally, Room Mate Aitana has outsourced content creation and media strategy to two media agencies.

The hotel has well-defined roles for the four employees involved in content organisation. The clear demarcation of roles ensures that the personnel can undertake their roles effectively and without replication of functions. Irene and Paula fulfil content planning processes while Christian and Simone fulfil content creation. It is recommended that the hotel carries out a skills gap analysis to determine whether there are any deficiencies in the skills and abilities of the personnel at the organisation (McConnell, 2022). The findings of the skills gap analysis will inform whether the hotel needs to recruit more personnel for content organisation. Furthermore, the marketing team requires a content marketing manager who will enforce editorial guidelines, develop a content marketing schedule, and coordinate with the SEO team to guide content planning (Speiser, 2020).

Structure and Workflow


Structure refers to the organisation of roles and activities to enable the achievement of established goals. The structure outlines how work processes flow across the level of the organisation and how various activities are directed to accomplish content organisation.

Room Mate Aitana hotel has an undefined structure that personnel adheres to. While this structure is unwritten and lacks strict work rules and guidelines, all personnel understand their roles and fulfil those roles within the structure. The main reason behind the lack of structure is that the marketing team is small.

While the lack of a defined structure has worked for the team all along due to the small size of the team, there is a need for a more defined structure to improve the content organisation process. A distinct structure will have clearly defined roles and activities for the team. The structure will be especially critical if the team aims to improve its reliability and effectiveness. A structure will install a clear chain of command among the personnel to improve the processes of task assignment and communication (Kenton 2021). Furthermore, implementing a structure will ensure that there is greater accountability among the personnel.


Workflow encompasses the sets of tasks or activities that need to be undertaken by personnel sequentially to accomplish particular goals (Pratt, 2022). The workflow requires that all personnel have knowledge of their role within the process and fulfil their roles on time and in collaboration with other employees. In content organisation, the workflow begins from the content planning stage and concludes with publishing, monitoring, and evaluation of the content on social media. Effective workflow management helps to identify and eliminate redundancies that could impact overall productivity and performance (Salemme, 2022). Effective workflow management tends to enhance work quality. Furthermore, effective workflow management improves the accountability of personnel across the processes.

The six workflow steps at Room Mate Aitana are planning content, writing content, graphic designing, editing and proofreading, publishing and monitoring, and promotion. The planning content step is fulfilled by Paula who creates SMART marketing goals and plans content creation in line with the goals of the hotel. The next step, writing content, is carried out by Christian who researches the content topic provided by Paula to create engaging content pieces. The graphic design by Simone entails creating supportive images, videos, and infographics for the content pieces. Editing and proofreading are outsourced to an external media agency that checks grammar, flow, and other elements of the content to increase its suitability for publication. Irene oversees the publishing and monitoring processes of the workflow. Publishing is done at each stage of the funnel and for marketing campaigns intended to convert users and customers. The step also entails monitoring and evaluation of social media performance. Finally, the promotion phase, overseen by Irene, involves boosting the content to increase its exposure.

Room Mate Aitana has a well-defined workflow that enables the various activities in content organisation. The various activities are well ordered in terms of their sequence to enable the creation of content, get it published, and assess how the content performs on the various social media platforms. The first way to improve the workflow at Room Mate Aitana is to develop a framework of tasks that outlines the linear and chronological completion of the tasks involved in content organisation. A defined framework of tasks will ensure that all personnel in the marketing team know when a task should be started, who should do it, when it should be completed, and what deliverables should be expected (Mitratech, 2020). Secondly, Room Mate Aitana should outline the prioritisation of tasks. While all the tasks are important in the content organisation process, some tasks such as content creation should have a higher priority. Finally, the hotel should regularly monitor the workflow to identify areas that need change or optimization.


Tools include the various applications, software, and other technological resources that facilitate the content organisation process. Having the right tool ensures that the various activities and steps in the workflow can be completed on time and to a high degree of effectiveness.

Room Mate Aitana utilises different tools across the workflow steps. The use of social media analytics allows for an analysis of the level of engagement. The use of Google analytics offers measurements of the organic traffic, bounce rate, clickthrough rate, keyword rankings, and the hotel website’s SEO rating. Graphic design tools used are Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

The range of tools used by the hotel for content organisation is adequate for the task but other tools are also necessary to improve the processes. The hotel should use cross-channel social media analytics tools that offer a streamlined approach to content performance. Examples of such analytics tools include HubSpot, Sprout Social, Snaplytics, and TapInfluence (Barnhart, 2021). The tools will improve the monitoring capabilities of the hotel to enhance understanding of the performance of the content on social media exposure, engagement, conversions, and impact.

Content Distribution

            Content distribution encompasses the processes of publishing and promoting an organisation’s content on social media (Memon, 2021). Content distribution focuses on how the organisation gets the content to the target audience through defined channels to achieve its social media marketing goals. The section examines the content distribution strategies of Room Mate Aitana.




Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the act of improving the ranking of a website on search engines. In this way, SEO increases the visibility of the website and increases the quantity and quality of traffic to the particular site. SEO is integral to effective content distribution. Room Mate Aitana has an SEO strategy that includes the use of keywords that apply to the hotel, location, and person’s intent. The hotel’s website is SEO and mobile-friendly. The hotel utilises Milestone insights to monitor SEO performance and inform appropriate changes. However, the hotel’s website lacks a backlink to other websites. The first recommendation for SEO enhancement is for content creation to improve content design (Dean, 2021). Improved content design to improve the user experience on the web and mobile website. Secondly, the hotel is to improve the quality of the content published on social media. The hotel can outsource this function if the budget allows. Higher quality content, along with the keywords, will attract more traffic to the hotel’s website.


Emails can be effectively tapped for marketing through the right strategies. Effective email marketing relies on an understanding of the audience. Room Mate Aitana sends emails to customers requesting those customers to share their experiences. Emails are also sent on the customer’s birthday and a year after the customer’s interaction with the hotel. The objective of sending the sent emails is to increase the customer retention rate and improve the quality of the customer base. The hotel lacks a strategy for measuring email marketing. The hotel can improve email marketing by segmenting the recipients by attributes such as preferences, gender and age. The segmentation will enable the hotel to send more personalised and relevant emails that increase the likelihood of customer response (Garbani-Nerini et al., 2022). Secondly, the hotel should use email marketing to re-establish connections with inactive customers.

Social Media

Social media platforms allow users to consume and share content. Room Mate Aitana has a common goal across its social media profiles. Businesses on social media can use the platforms for marketing and engagements with customers and consumers on a range of issues. Social media offers a cost-effective avenue for marketing to increase brand awareness. Social media offers analytics tools that offer precise analyses of engagements. Furthermore, feedback from social media improves content creation.

At Room Mate Aitana, the content is adapted to suit the format, style, and nature of the audience in each of the hotel’s social media profiles. Each brand selects which social media platform to use based on the brand’s unique needs and goals. The hotel measures performance across the social media profiles to guide changes to strategy and to promote content that is resonant to the followers on the various profiles. The organisation provides timely responses to questions and comments by users on social media. Employees act as voluntary brand ambassadors on social media. Room Mate Aitana collaborates with influencers who share the hotel’s brand values. The hotel partners with influencers based on the need of the organisation and the communication strategy in place.

Room Mate Aitana can improve its social media strategy by offering more personalised experiences for users. Personalised experiences encourage positive user engagement (Winter et al., 2021). The hotel should develop a content publishing schedule that reflects findings from the analytics and general trends on social media. Such a strategy will improve content exposure on social media. Furthermore, the hotel should focus on telling engaging stories on social media to attract user interest.




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