Assignment: HSNCB 476 Reflection 1

Assignment: HSNCB 476 Reflection 1

Assignment: HSNCB 476 Reflection 1

Competency 1

Describe how health care is organized and financed.


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Assignment: HSNCB 476 Reflection 1

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This reflection is comprised of two sections, collectively totaling a minimum of 500 words. This activity is meant to help you solidify your knowledge in preparation for the competency assessment.

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Reflect on the following in a minimum of 500 words:

Complete your reflection by responding to all prompts.

1) Life is Priceless

You watched the “What is a Life Worth?” segment of The Future of Health Care: Meeting of the Minds from the University Library.

Thoughtfully reflect to answer the following

Do you agree with Milken’s view and his argument that a life is priceless?

Why or why not?

Support your position by citing professional literature or examples from your experience.

2) The Future of Health Care: Meeting of the Minds — Health Care Reform

Watch the following segments of The Future of Health Care: Meeting of the Minds from the University Library.

Shifting the Cost Burden

Obama’s Health Care Plan (The Affordable Care Act)

Paying for Reform

Answer the following:

What is the impact of empowering consumers to be active in the decision-making of their health care?

How might future health care reform impact health care providers, businesses, and reimbursement models?

What limitations and benefits to quality and patient care do you see from health care and payment reform?

Note: Although references are not required, if you do use references in either section, please follow APA guidelines for in-text citations and references. Use the APA Style Guide, 7th Edition.

Submit your reflection.


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Assignment: HSNCB 476 Reflection 1 Sample

Reflection 1: Life is Priceless

            I agree with Milken’s view that life is priceless. The life of human beings cannot be quantified in terms of money or any other valuable asset. It is worth no penny because one cannot get another life. Human life is unlike the life of other creatures in the world. For this reason, quality in matters of life is key to any healthcare provider. The priceless nature of life affects all healthcare institutions as all modifications are inclined towards ensuring that the quality of healthcare services is always improved (Stadhouders et al., 2019). This ensures that life is saved at all costs. The healthcare education systems give healthcare practitioners an oath to ensure that they respect life at cost. This oath implies that healthcare professionals can use all their skills and abilities to save a life in times of emergency.


            In my opinion, the point developed by Milken that life is priceless has numerous implications in the healthcare setting. The thinking of Milken touches on the policies made by lawmakers on life. Such policies must always align towards ensuring the worth of life. On the other hand, it communicates to the healthcare professional their role in ensuring life is saved. The argument instructs healthcare professionals to act ethically and professionally in dispensing quality care to improve patient outcomes (Hassoun et al., 2020). Therefore, promoting the successful implementation of positive change in healthcare is the ultimate goal of all researchers, organizations, and governments. The increased attention on effective healthcare delivery creates a way for healthcare organizations to meet the desired outcome and improve the quality of healthcare delivery.

The Future of Health Care: Meeting of the Minds — Health Care Reform

            I believe empowering consumers to be active in making decisions in healthcare is important in ensuring quality patient-centered care. The current success of quality in healthcare originates from the undying need to create and implement evidence-based interventions that proved to be significant in achieving a positive healthcare outcome (Juárez et al., 2019). However, such interventions are only active in healthcare settings if consumers can showcase the effect of applying these interventions in healthcare. Consumer empowerment creates healthy competition that affects the quality of healthcare.

            The healthcare reforms aim to increase access to healthcare, reduce the cost of treatment and improve healthcare quality. These three main objectives of the reforms affect healthcare providers, businesses, and reimbursement models. For instance, the ACA policy has reduced the number of uninsured Americans, helping more to access healthcare. In the last decade, health insurance costs have increased by 144% for a single cover, and the family cover has risen by 161% (Haraldstad et al., 2019). This policy also streamlined health insurance companies which have also introduced the pay-for-performance (P4P) models in healthcare. These models are a value-based payment model that attaches the financial institution to the healthcare providers. It allows the providers to pay for quality services.

            The reforms have resulted in a rapid change in healthcare. They also led to resistance from healthcare professionals because of the change process. This has been affecting the change process as it moves slower (Wasserman et al., 2019). However, the benefits have been seen in the increased quality of service delivery and regulation of the healthcare services offered by health providers.


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Hassoun, N., Herlitz, A., & Esposito, L. (2020). Multidimensional Poverty Measurement: The Value of Life and the Challenge to Value Aggregation. Dimensions of Poverty: Measurement, Epistemic Injustices, Activism, 321-337. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-31711-9_18

Juárez, S. P., Honkaniemi, H., Dunlavy, A. C., Aldridge, R. W., Barreto, M. L., Katikireddi, S. V., & Rostila, M. (2019). Effects of non-health-targeted policies on migrant health: a systematic review and meta-analysis. The Lancet Global Health, 7(4), e420-e435.

Stadhouders, N., Kruse, F., Tanke, M., Koolman, X., & Jeurissen, P. (2019). Effective healthcare cost-containment policies: a systematic review. Health Policy, 123(1), 71-79.

Wasserman, J., Palmer, R. C., Gomez, M. M., Berzon, R., Ibrahim, S. A., & Ayanian, J. Z. (2019). Advancing health services research to eliminate health care disparities. American Journal of Public Health, 109(S1), S64-S69.

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Assignment: HSNCB 476 Reflection 1

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