Assignment: NSGCB 498 Reflection 3

Assignment: NSGCB 498 Reflection 3

Assignment: NSGCB 498 Reflection 3

NSGCB 498 competency 2 instructions

Competency 2

Use data, evidence, and strategies to promote quality and safety.

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Assignment: NSGCB 498 Reflection 3

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Your plan is taking shape. You have begun to use data, evidence, and strategies to promote quality and safety. Consider harnessing these skills for quality improvement planning.


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Reflect on the following in a minimum of 500 words.

Consider this quote:

“Things get done only if the data we gather can inform and inspire those in a position to make difference” (Schmoker, 1996).

Thoughtfully consider the following questions:

What types of data do you or could you use in your organization?

How will you or do you use data to make a difference in your organization?

Of the resources you are considering for your project plan, what is the biggest challenge you foresee? Why?

Assignment: NSGCB 498 Reflection 3 Sample

Data can play a major role in improving organizational outcomes through careful analysis and revealing important trends. Therefore, it is important for healthcare organizations to not just collect data but quality data. Improved knowledge of integration and capitalizing on the quality data helps in improving patient outcomes in hospital settings. Therefore, various kinds of data can be used in the organization. Among such kinds of data is data obtained from patient health records (Provost & Murray, 2022). Such data can reveal the most prevalent conditions handled by the facility, the identity of the patients served in terms of race and sex, and other important aspects, such as if a patient possesses medical insurance. Another important data that can be used in the organization is data collected from the monitored patient-reported outcomes. These are data that can be collected using systems such as the Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System and reflects patient experience with the services offered at the facility. Another important data which can be used is personnel management data which may help reveal the levels of staffing and the services available.

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The types of data discussed earlier can be used to make a difference in the organization. Indeed, without data reflecting the organization’s overall performance, it is difficult to determine how well or poorly an organization is performing, hence hindering efforts to come up with quality improvement initiatives. Therefore, the data obtained from patient’s health records can be used to identify important patterns such as rates of hospital readmissions, the rates of hospital-acquired infections, and other medical errors (Nair et al.,2020). As such, the data can then be used to formulate appropriate interventions focusing on areas of weakness. For example, if the data reveals a trend of increasing rates of hospital-acquired infections, then proper initiatives can be used to reduce the rates.

Data obtained from patient experience with the services offered at the facility can also be used to seal the loopholes leading to bad experiences to help improve quality and safety hence better patient experience. It is also important to ensure that the facility has balanced and adequate staffing. As earlier indicated, such data can be obtained from the personnel management data. Analysis of such data can easily reveal how many people visit the facility and at what times. It can also reveal the peak seasons where the services are most needed. Therefore, such data can be used to balance the staffing as appropriate and ensure that adequate staff is assigned to various departments to improve efficiency, quality, and patient experience (Griffiths et al.,2020).

It is important to develop a proper plan for the project to enhance the chances of success. As part of the plan, there is a need to consider the resources to be used as part of the project as explored potential challenges. One of the resources which may present the biggest challenge is financial resources. The project needs adequate finance to help fund all the cycles from project initiation, implementation, data collection, and analysis (Dang, 2021). It is important to note that such financial resources may not readily be available hence a need to make early arrangements to acquire such resources in time. In addition, sometimes it may prove a challenge to get individuals, groups of individuals, or entities which can readily sponsor proposed projects by providing adequate funding. Therefore, there will be a need to identify potential sponsors and convince them in time.


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Assignment: NSGCB 498 Reflection 3

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