Database Project Proposal Part 1 Assignment

Database Project Proposal Part 1 Assignment

Database Project Proposal Part 1 Assignment

The health information system (HIS) has become a basic requirement in the area of perioperative treatment throughout the world. HIS also provides data in the critical care environment for analysis, teaching, and quality management (Alotaibi & Federico, 2017). The perioperative unit is a demanding environment that necessitates accuracy in providing care to patients in order to avoid complications. The department’s HIS administration will be more streamlined with the usage of a database management system since all information will be organized in one location. The planned database would collect clinical data on patient safety linked to potentially negative incidents. The purpose of this research is to determine the link between the surgical procedure and the types of mistakes that may occur.


Definition of Terms and Problem Statement

A clinical error is an unavoidable undesirable incident that occurs in a medical environment. Carver et al. (2021) notes that a clinical error could easily occur especially if a patient is getting different kinds of treatment from different specialists.  Patient transition is another term for patient hand-off. The process of moving the patient from one physician to another, along with their clinical records, is what the nurse passes on to the recipient doctor or surgeon (Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare, 2020). Clinical errors frequently arise when there is a communication problem, which is common in patients receiving surgical procedures that include a change in caregiver. Coordination between the patient, the care delivery team, and the clinicians participating in the care delivery is the primary cause of poor patient hand-off. Inadequate patient participation, perioperative management, and clinical services all lead to mistakes, safety problems, length of stay, and even death.

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Database Project Proposal Part 1 Assignment

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Database Users

Technicians, nurses, attending surgeons, and the patient are the primary database users for this research. The database will be utilized at an outpatient surgical center operated by an HMO (health Maintenance Organization). This implies that the hospital’s workers will also be database users, entering and retrieving data kept within the institution. The personnel comprise of pharmacists, technicians, physicians, and receptionists.

Data Types

Data extraction from HIS is becoming more important for quality control, particularly in perioperative treatments. The following categories of data will be collected for the proposed database:

Patient Details


Full Names
Date of Birth
Medication Prescriptions
IV lines
Management information Next of kin
Medical Procedure Diagnostic procedure
Surgical procedure

For this database project, data will be collected from the ambulatory surgical facility. The data provided above will be the subject of the reports created for the evaluation. These reports will allow the hospital to determine whether or not the right process from preoperative through post-operative services was followed, as well as identify any potential problems.

Database Objectives

The intended database aims and objectives will be used to facilitate data documentation, warehousing, and analytics in an effort to enhance care and avoid any undesirable occurrences to clinical procedures on patients. The envisioned database will be used for storage since it will be able to store data in real-time. Furthermore, it must contain a health risk assessment based on the operation, related perioperative physiology, and the treatment offered based on existing information (Henrik, 2019).

Project Barriers and Problems

If the patient data is inaccurate, including demographic data, health information, or missing hand-off, the database may encounter issues. The scheduling mistake, surgery inefficiencies, surgical disruptions, and personnel issues could be caused by misunderstandings within the healthcare team, obsolete data, and communication systemic challenges (Rodziewicz et al., 2022).


The growing usage of the health information system (HIS) over the last decade, along with the growing need for various transitions patient care, has resulted in a fast rise in the need for enhanced information access from the HIS during a patient treatment. The database initiative is an important tool for improving comprehensive, preventive, and safe patient care.


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The purpose of this assignment is to provide learners a basic understanding for identifying a database project proposal for collecting data and for designing and developing a small database that can be used to compile and report clinical data related to either quality measures or pharmaceutical products and utilization.

There are three parts to the database project proposal. The initial step involves identifying an idea for a database and describing its purpose. The second part allows you to design the database components. The third part requires you to present the database proposal to stakeholders. Feedback from the instructor at every stage will help you make improvements in the database project.

To complete Part 1 of the Database Project Proposal assignment, create a 500-750-word proposal outlining the following elements:

State the project problem and definition of terms.
Identify database users (personnel/credentials): Who are they? What are their competencies and background?
Discuss the types of data that users will collect for the proposed database and describe at least three reports that will be generated for analysis. Explain their use and who will use the reports?
Describe the project goals and clear measurable objectives for the database. Identify the steps you will take to meet the goals and objectives.
Forecast any potential problems or barriers to meeting the project goals and objectives. Are there any specific assumptions that need to be made?
Discuss data communications protocols that could be used in your database project. Refer to the “Blockchain Personal Health Records: Systematic Review” article, provided in the topic Resources.
Conclude with the value of the project with emphasis on feasibility and the benefit of the expected results.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. A link to the LopesWrite technical support articles is located in Class Resources if you need assistance.

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Database Project Proposal Part 1 Assignment

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