Identification of Research Topic: Using Technology and Protecting Patient Information and Confidentiality Essay

Identification of Research Topic: Using Technology and Protecting Patient Information and Confidentiality Essay


Why I Selected the Topic

For several reasons, the topic of ‘using technology and concerns for protecting patient information and confidentiality’ is significant. The use of technology in healthcare has shown promise in terms of improving patient outcomes, care coordination, and healthcare provider collaboration, as well as strengthening organizational performance. However, although technology has many advantages, it also has the potential to jeopardize patient privacy and confidentiality. Patient health information is considered sensitive and personal, and any unauthorized disclosure jeopardizes high-quality care. As a result, healthcare institutions must include proper safeguards to protect patient privacy and confidentiality while using any healthcare technology.

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Identification of Research Topic: Using Technology and Protecting Patient Information and Confidentiality Essay

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Summary of the Articles

            Several studies examine the utilization of different technologies in healthcare, as well as the possible hazards to patient privacy and confidentiality that they may pose. According to Lustgarten et al. (2020), numerous technologies have greatly benefitted mental healthcare, and mental healthcare practitioners use emails, text messaging, electronic medical records (EMR), telepsychology, and other technology in care delivery. Telepsychology, for example, allows for continuous connection between patients and their mental healthcare practitioners; yet, information shared during teleconsultation may be overheard or maliciously watched by other parties, potentially risking the patients’ privacy and confidentiality.

In separate research conducted by Keshta and Odeh (2021), electronic health records (EHR) bring several advantages to patients, providers, and healthcare systems. However, because of privacy and security concerns, adoption has been limited in certain healthcare organizations. A large volume of data flowing from many sources and in various formats overwhelms the EHR function, demanding action to ensure the privacy and security of the information. In the third article, Cilliers (2020) addresses the privacy and information security concerns that users of wearable health devices face. The findings reveal that out of 106 patients, more than half (51.89%) did not understand their mobile health device’s information security policies or how the product safeguarded their data and privacy. The research indicated that patients’ lack of understanding of privacy and security regulations exposes them to repeated breaches, highlighting the need to educate patients on the subject.

The Research Process in communicating the Findings relevant to a Problem

            Research is critical in presenting the findings of a healthcare problem. After synthesis and evaluation of relevance and credibility, the study results are utilized to make clinical judgments. The research process includes several steps to effectively communicate the findings of a healthcare issue within the evidence-based practice: definition of the problem/issue, identification of the research question, literature review, deciding on the research methodology, data collection and analysis, interpretation and reporting of the findings, and dissemination of the findings (Fisher & Bloomfield, 2019). Following the procedure allows researchers to effectively explain the results of a healthcare problem within the evidence-based practice, as well as decide whether to use the knowledge in making clinical choices in the pursuit of improved patient care.

Significance of Evidence-Based Research of the Topic to the Standards for Allied Healthcare

            Evidence-based research provides for more in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the influence of technology on healthcare, as well as the accompanying privacy and confidentiality problems. To eliminate prejudice, various sources of evidence must be evaluated to establish the efficacy and safety of a given technology. While the use of technology has several advantages, it also raises serious issues about the privacy and security of patient health information. Evidence-based research may uncover possible areas where technology threatens patient privacy and confidentiality, and physicians will utilize the findings to build standards and guidelines to safeguard patient privacy and the security of health information.



Cilliers, L. (2020). Wearable devices in healthcare: Privacy and information security issues. Health Information Management : Journal of the Health Information Management Association of Australia49(2–3), 150–156.

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Identification of Research Topic

The purpose of this assignment is to identify a topic for a health care field research paper which will inform subsequent assignments within this course.

Select a topic of interest from your work area, or within a specific health care field. Examples of appropriate topics may be found in your text, Understanding Research, and from the list below, but you are not limited to these examples. Possible topics:

  • Leaving a confused patient alone in the waiting room
  • Failure to label specimens
  • Leaving medication unsecured
  • Childhood obesity
  • Using technology, and protecting patient information and confidentiality
  • Managing the health care needs of an aging population

Complete a search utilizing the GCU Library for at least three articles on your topic. After you have selected your articles, write a 250- to 500-word summary of the three articles, and address the following:

  • State why you selected the topic.
  • Summarize the content of the articles.
  • Describe how the research process is used to communicate findings relevant to problem or issue resolution within evidence-based practice for improvement of care.
  • Conclude with an explanation of the significance of the evidence-based research of the topic to the standards for allied health care.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. A link to the LopesWrite technical support articles is located in Class Resources if you need assistance.


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Identification of Research Topic: Using Technology and Protecting Patient Information and Confidentiality Essay

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