NSG 7220 Week 10 Project Paper

NSG 7220 Week 10 Project Paper

NSG 7220 Week 10 Project Paper

Learning Portfolio


A learning portfolio provides evidence of learning by demonstrating a connection between your personal learning objectives, activities related to your clinical experience, and course objectives.

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NSG 7220 Week 10 Project Paper

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Your portfolio is a dynamic and personally tailored document that provides a summary of learning events. It may be formal, but it may also include diverse events from outside clinical work that have contributed to your development and achievement of both personal and course objectives. The entire content of the portfolio does not necessarily need to be comprehensive, but it needs to reflect the ongoing achievement of course outcomes through supervised clinical practice at the clinical doctoral level.

Your portfolio will be graded this week because it is your overall course project. It is important that you add to your portfolio weekly to stay on task. There are various ways that you can format your portfolio. Choose a design that works for you as designs tend to be individualized. Remember that potential employers will review your portfolio.

The given list of items highlights documents that you should have at this point in the program. You may have more. Please remember to incorporate items from your Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program. Items should be current. If you are repeating this course, the instructor will review your last portfolio grade with documents and grade your current portfolio on the basis of your additional submissions or revisions during this class.

Potential items to include in your learning portfolio:

An updated curriculum vitae (CV); a resume will not be accepted

Personal details (related to nursing), exam certificates, and date of qualification (licensure, certification, etc.)

A concept map that provides an overview of the negotiated contract between a student and the advisor with respect to expected course outcomes across all components of the clinical experience

Career intentions supported by the selected clinical activities

Clinical experiences and their application to course outcomes

Objectives in current clinical placement toward program goals

Supporting activities that may be occurring external to the clinical experience but supporting the attainment of course outcomes

Preceptor evaluation forms (confidential)

Research experience supporting program progression

Reflective commentary and evidence (examples) of progress toward achieving specific course objectives


Presentations at local, regional, national, or international meetings

Audit projects undertaken and completed

Teaching notes and critiques of student logs

A summary of clinical experiences or semester with personal reflection

Memorable opportunities and organizational challenges

Seminar from this course (Microsoft PowerPoint presentation)

Anything else you feel may be relevant

In addition to this list, you will also need to include all artifacts (assignments) from your DNP program. Your portfolio should provide the evidence needed to clearly articulate the congruence of your educational preparation with the DNP Essentials. As in past courses, it is crucial to familiarize yourself again with the DNP Essentials.

Submission Details:

Collate your items in a Microsoft Word document.

On a separate page, cite all sources using APA format.

Name your document SU_NSG7220_W10_Project_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.

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NSG 7220 Week 10 Project Paper

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