NURS 6053 Week 7 Discussion: Work Environment Assessment Template

NURS 6053 Week 7 Discussion: Work Environment Assessment Template

NURS 6053 Week 7 Discussion: Work Environment Assessment Template

How healthy is your workplace?

You may think your current organization operates seamlessly, or you may feel it has many issues. You may experience or even observe things that give you pause. Yet, much as you wouldn’t try to determine the health of a patient through mere observation, you should not attempt to gauge the health of your work environment based on observation and opinion. Often, there are issues you perceive as problems that others do not; similarly, issues may run much deeper than leadership recognizes.

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There are many factors and measures that may impact organizational health. Among these is civility. While an organization can institute policies designed to promote such things as civility, how can it be sure these are managed effectively? In this Discussion, you will examine the use of tools in measuring workplace civility.

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NURS 6053 Week 7 Discussion: Work Environment Assessment Template

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To Prepare:

Review the Resources and examine the Clark Healthy Workplace Inventory, found on page 20 of Clark (2015).
Review and complete the Work Environment Assessment Template in the Resources.
By Day 3 of Week 7
Post a brief description of the results of your Work Environment Assessment. Based on the results, how civil is your workplace? Explain why your workplace is or is not civil. Then, describe a situation where you have experienced incivility in the workplace. How was this addressed? Be specific and provide examples.

Please fill out the template,
After filling out the workplace template please create a discussion question that correlates with the template
Please ensure that the references are from 2018-current
Please ensure that the paper is in 7th edition APA format

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Nurses and other healthcare providers need a work environment that encourages and upholds civility to deliver quality care by being motivated. The Clark Healthy Workplace Inventory is a critical work environment assessment tool or framework that allows organizations and their employees to understand the level of civility in their practice settings. Through this inventory, they develop necessary civility standards to improve performance and productivity. Incivility reduces performance and leads to high turnover (Clark et al., 2022). The purpose of this paper is to describe the results of the work environment assessment conducted at my workplace and interpret them concerning civility and healthiness of the workplace. The assessment also identifies a theory related to the results and how it can be used by the organization to improve performance and adhere to civility standards.

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Summary of Results – Clark Healthy Workplace Inventory The workplace assessment score based on the Clark Healthy Workplace Inventory for my workplace was 89% implying that the healthcare setting is moderately healthy. The employees rated a host of aspects as important and well addressed by the organization and the management. These include employee satisfaction, morale and motivation, unity and having a shared vision, transparency and effective communication. Studies indicate that these are personal motivation factors that are essential to developing and demonstrating healthy attributes in the workplace (Ng et al., 2018; Mao et al., 2019). However, the workplace needs to improve as members believe that there are no sufficient professional growth and development opportunities. The assessment showed the need for effective structures on promotion and development of staff to reduce possible turnover.
Identify two things that surprised you about the results. Also identify one idea that you believed prior to conducting the Assessment that was confirmed. The surprising aspects of the assessment results included the rate of score and the monitoring system that the organization had in place. I was surprised with the score as I believed that the workplace was among the most civil with effective support and motivation from the management. Secondly, the existence of a monitoring system also surprised me since I never thought that there existed one operated by the human resource personnel. The ineffectiveness of some employees in different areas could be attributed to the monitoring system which was clandestine and no one knew its existence in the first place.

While individuals have different personalities and characteristics, having an organizational culture that equalizes and values a common shared approach to issues is essential. Before conducting this assessment, I believed that the workplace did not have the best standard levels of organizational culture where diversity is encouraged and accommodated. This was confirmed as part of the reason was limited participation of employees in decision making structures. Trust levels have continually increased in the organization and the assessment confirmed this aspect.

What do the results of the Assessment suggest about the health and civility of your workplace? The results of the assessment as being moderately healthy shows several components of the workplace. First, they show that both civility and health of the workplace are positive and better despite areas that need improvement. Secondly, the results show that workers are motivated by the positive work environment and better levels of civility. Several factors contribute to these outcomes as demonstrated by the assessment. These include ethical guidelines, a productive workplace and organizational culture, increased levels of inclusion and shared vision and goals, and having better management of employee welfare (Black & Venture, 2018). The assessment shows that while the workplace is healthy, there is need for improvement to reduce adverse aspects that impact overall performance.  
Briefly describe the theory or concept presented in the article(s) you selected.

Explain how the theory or concept presented in the article(s) relates to the results of your Work Environment Assessment.

The development of a healthy work environment which leads to job satisfaction and mirrors high degrees of employee engagement and productivity is essential for organizations. Clark et al. (2022) assert that this aspect is true, especially in healthcare organizations where unhealthy work circumstances can impact patient outcomes. The selected article is by Mabona et al. (2022) and discusses the best practice standards to build healthy work environment for nurses. Using an integrative review of literature, the authors identify effective leadership, effective communication, effective teamwork and having professional autonomy as critical components of building a healthy workplace environment. The authors highlight that having better leadership means that employees get the inspiration to be effective in their duties and responsibilities and perform based on the expectations.

The concept of a healthy workplace based on these four themes relates to the outcomes of the work environment assessment in significant manner. The first is that these themes can help the workplace get better results or become a healthy workplace with rates from 90% and above. Secondly, these themes on building a healthy workplace mean that the organization can integrate these aspects to improve the level of participation among nurses and other providers.

Explain how your organization could apply the theory highlighted in your selected article(s) to improve organizational health and/or create stronger work teams. Be specific and provide examples. The need for a healthy workplace is important for all organizations. Workplace health entails the status of the setting concerning the employees, the level of civility, and the overall environment safety for the workers and even other stakeholders like patients in healthcare settings (Mao et al., 2019). Incivility in the workplace leads to low levels of employees’ job satisfaction, lack of courtesy and respect among colleagues and poor patient outcomes (Clark et al., 2022). Imperatively, the organization can apply these themes to improve the health status of the workplace and build stronger work teams. Effective leadership model like servant leadership or transformational leadership style is critical and having better communication to allow nurses participate in decision making will enhance collaboration. Organizations build stronger work teams when they allow increased collaboration at professional and even personal levels (Black & Venture, 2018). Inter-professional and intra-professional collaborations among nurses and physicians as well as other providers leads to the delivery of high quality care and enhances patient safety. In this case, the organization can apply these aspects to develop a better workplace that leads to quality care provision and better patient outcomes.
General Notes/Comments The results from the Clark Work Environment Assessment show the need for the organization to develop a healthier environment that supports professional development and growth of nurses and other providers to offer quality care. The results are essential in development of better teams and professional attainment for individual employees.


Civility in the workplace is essential as it allows employees to have increased levels of motivation to offer quality care to patients. The Clark’s work environment assessment for my organization demonstrates the need for the management to improve different areas to enhance quality outcomes. However, the overall report shows a healthy and civil workplace that enables the organization and nurses to offer quality care interventions for better patient outcomes.

 Discussion Question

What are the effects of having stronger teamwork to improving the results of the workplace inventory in the practice setting?


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NURS 6053 Week 7 Discussion: Work Environment Assessment Template

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