NURS 8702 DNP Project Mentoring DAISY

NURS 8702 DNP Project Mentoring DAISY


Topic : educating new graduate nurses on strategies to prevent diabetic ulcer in patients.


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NURS 8702 DNP Project Mentoring DAISY

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1. Complete the following activities to ensure successful translation:
¢ Secure a project leader.

¢ Identify change champions.

☐ Consider whether translation activities require different or additional members.

¢ Schedule time to complete milestones.

¢ Identify critical milestones and related tasks.

¢ Identify observable pre or post measures.

2. Identify barriers to the success of the change, and then identify strengths that can be leveraged to overcome barriers.
Barriers Resources or Strengths Plan to Overcome Barriers by Leveraging Strengths as Appropriate
Potential resistance to change Effective communication in the organization Timeous engagement of the team members to obtain their buy-in
Shortage of the staff The organization has a culture which focuses on improving patient care and the quality of care offered, so it can support the project as it improved quality Efficient utilization of the existing staff for optimized output
Inadequate resources The organization is ready to acquire the needed resources A project assessment and evaluation will be done before the start of the project to formulate a budget that has the resources needed for the success of the project
Potential lack of organizational support Various leaders have experience with implementing quality improvement project hence can support the initiative. Aligning the goals of the project with the organization’s vision and mission
Potential low levels of knowledge The organization focus on efficient patient services and enhances the same by staff training and motivation An appropriate training session is to be organized to help improve the knowledge scores.
3. Consider whether or how this change will affect the following:
  ☐Electronic health record              ¢Workflow               ¢Policies and/or procedures
4. Confirm support and/or availability of funds to cover expenses.
(Check all that apply)
¢ Personnel costs

¢ Supplies/equipment

¢ Technology



¢ Education or further training

¢ Content or external experts

¢ Dissemination costs (conference costs, travel)

☐ Other: Enter test



5. Identify critical milestones and related tasks:
  Problem identification and assessment Comprehensive literature review Appraisal of the Research Implementation of the proposed solution
Tasks Analyzing the organization’s operations to identify the problem Using relevant databases  to obtain relevant articles Application of the Johns Hopkins Nursing evidence-based practice tool in determining the evidence levels of the selected articles Creating an implementation plan with relevant stages.
Evaluation of the problem’s significance Development of the relevant PICOT question to guide the project Determination of how relevant the articles are to the topic and the formulated PICOT question Implementing the intervention
Analyzing the organization’s current practices to determine what to improve on Holding a meeting with the mentor to discuss the topic and PICOT to determine suitability Evaluating possible interventions for the problem presented in the articles Testing the intervention to determine its suitability
Creating a plan for databases and sources to use as data for evidence Meeting with the faculty leader to discuss the topic of choice and its suitability. Holding another meeting to examine the project’s progress Evaluation of the results obtained to determine the impact
Formulation of the outcome measurement and evaluation plan for project. Selection of relevant primary research articles Task Task
Task Task Task Task
Task Task Task Task
Task Task Task Task
Task Task Task Task
Task Task Task Task
Task Task Task Task


Directions for Use of the Action Planning Tool

Purpose of form

This form is used to guide you as you create an action plan.

Activities to ensure successful translation

These are all activities that must be completed as you plan the change. Consider pre- and post-observable measures that can be used to determine whether the change was successful. In addition, identifying critical milestones allows the team to see whether they are on track to accomplish the goals.

Identify strengths/resources and barriers to the success of the change

This analysis allows teams to identify barriers to implementation and potentially mitigate them using inherent strengths and resources. You may find specific challenges that will likely impact the ability to deliver on the action plan. Though these obstacles can get in the way, knowing about them up front is helpful so that you can engage support and create a plan to address them.

Consider whether or how the change will impact workflows and processes

Be mindful of the impact of the change downstream. For example, will changes need to be made to the electronic medical record to accommodate the change, or will this change impact the workflow of any other staff who have not been considered?

Confirm support and/or availability of funds to cover expenses

Use this as a guide to prompt thoughtfulness about financial obligations that may be a part of the rollout.

Identify critical milestones and related tasks

Consider all the categories of work (milestones) necessary to implement this change. What tasks must be accomplished first for each milestone in order to move forward? When must they be completed to stay on track? For example, if a milestone is to implement a protocol, list all tasks to accomplish it.

Phase 1: Design
As a requirement for your Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program of study, you will complete a DNP Project. The DNP Project will be focused on a quality improvement initiative in a healthcare organization or nursing practice that you will design, plan, implement, and evaluate. The course consists of six phases that you must complete to meet the requirements as set forth for the DNP Project. Engaging with the assessments and steps within each phase of this course will require effective planning, organization, and communication with your faculty advisor and DNP Project mentor.

What’s Happening This Phase?
In this Phase, you will bein the design of your DNP Project. This phase is comprised of six steps that are minimally required for earning a grade of Satisfactory in this course. You will identify your DNP Project goals and plans, identify and assign a project team, obtain site approvals for the implementation of your DNP Project, begin your practice-focused question development to guide your DNP Project, and complete an evidence search to substantiate your DNP Project. Keep in mind that it will be important to complete the requirements of this course both in the classroom and through the MyDR module for University approval and tracking.
What do I have to do? When do I have to do it?
Review your Learning Resources Steps 1-6
Assignment 1: Meet with Faculty Advisor Complete by Day 7 of Week 1.
Assignment 2: Term Plan Submit your Assignment by Day 7 of Week 1.
Assignment 3: Project Purpose and Team Identification Submit your Assignment by Day 7 when completing Step 3.
Assignment 4: Approvals
Submit your Assignment by Day 7 when completing Step 4.

Submit your Assignment to MyDR.

Assignment 5: Developing the DNP Project Question Submit your Assignment by Day 7 when completing Step 5.
Assignment 6: Evidence Search Submit your Assignment by Day 7 when completing Step 6.
Go to the Step’s Content
Step 1 and Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

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NURS 8702 DNP Project Mentoring DAISY

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