Professional Portfolio Assignment Paper

Professional Portfolio Assignment Paper

Professional Portfolio Assignment Paper



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Professional Portfolio Assignment Paper

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Personal Mission Statement / Goals:

Mission and vision of New York Hospital

Vision: To be able to be completely integrated as a healthcare system that promotes the health of patients and addresses the needs of the diverse New York population.

Mission: To provide safe and high-quality healthcare services with dignity, compassion, and respect for all irrespective of their socioeconomic status, gender identity, race, or immigration status.

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Personal Values and Ethics:

With a strong belief in Karma, most of my personal values are rooted in respect for humanity, which greatly aligns with the above mission and vision statements. The following are crucial values that will help guide my personality when working at New York Hospital.

  1. I am always devoted to the well-being of the patient and not harm, as I strongly believe that our actions today will have an impact on our future life.
  2. All patients must be treated equally with respect and dignity regardless of their ethnic background or socioeconomic status.
  3. Offer compassion to all patients by listening to their health needs, respecting their personal values and beliefs, and satisfying their care needs optimally.
  4. Maintain high integrity to ensure that all patients receive safe and quality care. Being honest to patients about their medical issues helps promote a healthy patient-provider relationship which is crucial in promoting patient satisfaction.
  5. Being accountable. Taking responsibility for our actions help us utilize critical thinking when making clinical decisions, hence reducing incidences of medical errors.
  6. Working as a team. To ensure that patients’ needs are adequately satisfied, I will make sure that I take an active role in promoting interdisciplinary collaboration when taking care of patients.
  7. Pursue excellence. I will always look for educational opportunities to advance my knowledge and skills in promoting quality and safe care to the diverse New York population.

Professional Goals

  1. Promote interdisciplinary collaboration in the provision of safe and high-quality patient-centred care.
  2. Provide a good work environment for my nursing staff to reduce the turnover rate and promote optimal delivery of care services.
  3. Be available to interact one on one with each nurse and help those with problems come up with sound solutions.
  4. Promote good communication and engagement to ensure that all nursing staff feels safe and happy at work.
  5. Develop realistic schedules to promote a good work-life balance for all the nurses within my department.
  6. Serve as a mentor for all nurses in my department and take part in patient care for all patients admitted to my Unit.

Achieving My Professional Goals

  1. I will organize meetings at the start of every week for all healthcare professionals working in my department, so they can know each other, and how they can work together to promote the health and wellbeing of the patient.
  2. During the meetings, I will also discuss with the nurses the things that make them feel unsafe or unhappy in the work environment and provide appropriate solutions. I will also encourage nurses to provide feedback on how they find the work environment in the suggestion box.
  3. I will always come to work at least 30 minutes earlier than my shift and set aside 5 to 10 minutes to discuss work-related issues with each nurse in the department and come up with solutions in case of any problem.
  4. I will encourage nurses in my department to adopt respectful and professional language to promote good communication within the workplace.
  5. I will discuss with the nursing staff their working hours and which shift to cover, to make sure that everyone is satisfied with the kind of tasks assigned and shifts, to avoid employee bias or inappropriate work-life balance.
  6. I will pass all the knowledge and skills that I know to my nurses to promote their expertise in patient care. I will include short teaching sessions after every departmental staff meeting and go through evidence-based practice and current treatment guidelines to promote the delivery of safe and quality care services to patients.

Education/CEUs, Certifications, and Licenses:

(Upload your personal certificates, documents, graduation dates, and licenses)

  • Registered Nurse License- (year)
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)- (year)
  • IV Therapy & Administration- (year)
  • Basic Life Support Certification- (year)

Professional Organizations/Awards or Honors Earned:

  1. American Nurses Association
  2. Daisy award winner
  3. Alpha Chi National Honor society- offered membership just recently.

Examples of Work:

  1. Assistant nurse manager on a surgical unit
  2. Medical-surgical nurse

Letters of Reference:

  1. Academic referee
  2. Professional referee.

Assessment Description
The purpose of this assignment is to format a portfolio that reflects your accomplishments, skills, and professional readiness in preparation for future professional interactions.

You can enhance your professional portfolio by providing a space to show how your personal ethics and values align with the mission and vision of the organization where you desire or intend to work (***I intent to work in a New York hospital as a nurse manger where I can help every individual from every culture and religions). Stating short-and long-term professional goals demonstrates planning and foresight to future employers while presenting a plan to achieve those goals conveys planning and strategic ability.

Include the following in your portfolio:

Demographics: Include your name, email, phone number, and any other relevant contact information.
Personal Mission Statement / Goals: In 500-750 words, describe how your personal ethics and values align with the mission and vision of the health care organization where you intend to work. Include professional goals and your plans to achieve them. (***I am a strong believer of Karma and my values are rooted to Hinduism).
Education/CEUs, Certifications, and Licenses: Provide documentation of education from accredited universities and colleges, including graduation dates, and any professional certifications or licenses (***I have Registered Nurse License, ACLS, BLS, IV Certification). If you have them, include copies of diplomas, certificates, etc.
Professional Organizations/Awards or Honors Earned: In addition to any awards or honors earned, list any professional organizations to which you belong and what positions you have held in the organization, if applicable. ***(I am a member American Nurses Association, Daisy award winner, and recently been offer a membership in Alpha Chi National Honor society)

Examples of Work: Provide two examples of your work as either a learner or a professional. (Model of Leadership paper from Week 8 is recommended.) ***I worked as a Assistant nurse manager on a surgical unit and a medical-surgical nurse in the past.
Letters of Reference: Include at least one academic and one professional reference.
Each section of the portfolio should begin a new page.

APA style is required for this assignment, scholarly writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are not required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.

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Professional Portfolio Assignment Paper

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