Teamwork and Conflict Management Case study Assignment

Teamwork and Conflict Management Case study Assignment

Teamwork and Conflict Management Case study Assignment

My initial feeling about the situation was that of worthlessness. The statement “forgiving the new kid” felt demeaning even though I had a calming influence from within since the statement was coming from Pat, whom I have learned a lot from. The feeling could have been different if it was coming from another person. Staying calm in the face of a conflict is key in conflict resolution and management (Piryani & Piryani, 2019).


Pat is used to correcting me in front of people. Therefore, this case was no different. I think Pat reacted that way to take care of the patient’s family and other interprofessional team members’ feelings by correcting it. Pat, however, implied that I am still a novice and hence should be forgiven and given time to learn.

The exchange could have serious implications. I would feel inadequate to contribute to the team going forward. In addition, there are high chances that some team members would not trust me, my ability, skills, and knowledge. The implication is that I would not be able to work effectively in the team.

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Teamwork and Conflict Management Case study Assignment

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The exchange can also have a dent in my working relationship with the family. The fact that I made a huge error would make the patient and family lose trust in my abilities to effectively care for the patient. This would make the patient and the family request for another professional or transfer their patient to another facility altogether.

A plan is necessary to help address a conflict problem (Labrague et al., 2018). Pat keeps on embarrassing me in front of others even though I have expressed my dissatisfaction with the same. So as part of my plan, I would try to be perfect in my undertakings. I would also request a meeting with the nurse executives to help solve the problem and conflict between my supervisor and me. The goal of resolving the situation is to have an enabling work environment. The setting would be in the facility’s meeting room. The nurse leader and the nurse manager would be present. I would inform them that I am impressed and appreciative of what Pat has been doing in guiding and mentoring me; however, I would like the supervisor to stop correcting me in public. The effectiveness of my action would be measured by whether Pat would stop the behavior or not. If the initial plan does not accomplish what I would like, I will talk to the supervisor once again before reporting to the higher leadership for further help.


Labrague, L. J., Al Hamdan, Z., & McEnroe‐Petitte, D. M. (2018). An integrative review on conflict management styles among nursing professionals: implications for nursing management. Journal of Nursing Management, 26(8), 902-917.

Piryani, R. M., & Piryani, S. (2019). Conflict management in healthcare. J Nepal Health Res Counc, 16(41), 481-482.


Case for Teams & Teamwork and Conflict Management


You have successfully completed your professional education and have started your first job in your field. You are very excited to be working in this acute care facility which is where you wanted to work. Your supervisor, Pat, has been a great role model. Pat is very knowledgeable and is great with patients and families. Everyone comes to Pat when they have a question and you have really learned so much from Pat.

There is one problem that makes you feel uncomfortable. Whenever you make a mistake, Pat makes a comment about your ability in a loud voice so everyone around can hear the comments. When you have tried to talk to Pat about this, Pat says not to worry about it because everyone makes mistakes.

Today, you were presenting a patient case at the interprofessional team rounds. The entire team was present including the patient and their spouse. You made a significant error about the patient’s history during your presentation. Pat spoke up and corrected you in front of the team and made a comment about “forgiving the new kid.”

1. What are your initial feelings about this situation?

2. Why do you think Pat reacted in the way they did?

3. How might this exchange affect teamwork and your ability to work effectively as part of this team?

4. What might be the impact of this exchange when working with this patient and family?

5. Develop a plan of action to address this problem.

· What are your goals for resolving this situation?

· What setting would you use?

· Who would be present?

· What would you say/do?

· How will you measure whether your actions were effective?

6. If your initial plan does not accomplish what you would like, what are your next steps?

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Teamwork and Conflict Management Case study Assignment

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