TH 450 Week 5 Assignment: Journal Entry 

TH 450 Week 5 Assignment: Journal Entry

TH 450 Week 5 Assignment: Journal Entry

After reading the “Christian Humanization of Work”, reflect on your own career and/or jobs you have had or now have. Answer at least two (2) of the questions here:

What personal gifts and passions do your job (or future career) activate and how does that feel?

How does a career that fits the person develop him/her socially and intellectually?

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TH 450 Week 5 Assignment: Journal Entry 

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What kind of spiritual growth have you experienced in your career, that is, making you a deeper, kinder, more thoughtful person?

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Apply one insight from the “Christian Humanization” article to your own life.

This assignment is due Sunday at 11:59 pm.

Spillane, J. J. (2001, Fall). The Christian humanization of work: job satisfaction in the hospitality industry. Review of Business, 22(3), 16+.


In the year 2000, the tourism sector will be the largest industry in the world. Today it is estimated to provide about 255 million jobs and amounts to 10 percent of world employment. It has now grown into a modern, mature industry where workers are forming their professional identity. These “hospitality professionals” are primarily concerned with customer satisfaction. But that’s not always easy to achieve and many problems can — and do — arise.

The restructuring of work today has important consequences. Unlike their agricultural or industrial counterparts, workers in the service sector find the fruits of their labor are frequently intangible. In some cases, their emotions are involved. One can easily broaden management guru Peter Drucker’s concept of “the knowledge worker” to include “the emotion worker,” who must deal with people on a more interpersonal level. In our modem, service-oriented society, there is a need for literature devoted to the special needs of this kind of worker, especially in the area of “spirituality of work”

By its very nature, hospitality work has a spiritual dimension. Of all industries, it is the most intensely interactive, with people serving people and providing comfort, sustenance, conviviality, transport, amusement, enlightenment, employment and much more. Given the complexity of human behavior, concerns about the work’s spiritual dimension can be neither ignored nor hidden. For this reason, perhaps the most challenging of all hospitality industry problems today is not so much job satisfaction as a proper spirituality of work.

In short, the challenge is to help hospitality professionals find genuine meaningfulness in their work so they experience the peace and joy that God has prepared for them. As Pope John Paul II reminds us in his Encyclical entitled Laborem Exercens, “Work is a good thing for man — a good thing for his humanity — because through work man not only transforms nature, adapting it to his own needs, but he also achieves fulfillment as a human being and indeed in a sense becomes ‘more a human being.”‘ This is certainly true in the hospitality industry.

The Importance of Service in Modern Society

The growth of services is nothing new. As early as 1900, both America and Britain had more jobs in services than in industry. By 1950, services employed half of all American workers. And in 1993, America had the biggest service sector, accounting for 72 percent of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Services are also the fastest growing part of international trade, accounting for 20 percent of total world trade and 30 percent of American exports.

Tourism is one of these services. By the year 2000, it is likely to be the world’s most important economic activity. According to a report of the World Travel and Tourism Council, there were 255 million jobs in tourism in 1996. This amounts to 10.2 percent of all world employment.

The Special Nature of Work in the Service Sector. Work in the service sector is quite different from that in agriculture or manufacturing. A service has…

On-Line Journal Entries Directions

  1. Follow all instructions on the individual journal entry sheet
  2. All journal entries should be at least 400 words in length – double space, no
  3. Place your name and the journal # in the upper left corner of the

Scoring guide


To earn these points


Your entry should show these qualities:

18- 20  (A to A-) ·         Utilize the proper format with no spelling or grammatical errors

·          Make multiple connections to the assigned readings

·         Demonstrate a willingness to introspect and engage in thoughtful reflection

15-17 (C+ to B+) ·         Utilize the proper format with minimal spelling or grammatical errors

·          Connect with assigned readings

·          Show some attempt at introspection and thoughtful reflection

13-14 (C- to D) ·         4-5 grammar or spelling errors per page

·         Minimal connection to assigned readings

·         Minimal personal reflection

0-12 (F) ·         Multiple grammar or spelling errors per page

·         No or very little connections to the readings

·          no introspection and reflection


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TH 450 Week 5 Assignment: Journal Entry 

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