The Advanced Practice Nurse as a Mentor Paper

The Advanced Practice Nurse as a Mentor Paper

The Advanced Practice Nurse as a Mentor Paper

As I kick off my path as a DNP-prepared nurse, I have met nurses with invaluable skills and expertise that can help my development and advancement. Nurse Mary, a very experienced and respected nurse in the emergency room, comes to mind as one such nurse. Throughout my nursing studies, her breadth of knowledge, clinical experience, and compassionate care have provided inspiration and direction.

Nurse Mary exemplifies various leadership qualities that I would aim to replicate if I were to be a mentor or preceptor for new nurse practitioners. Her clinical knowledge and expertise contribute to her capacity to give evidence-based and high-quality care. She maintains current on the newest research, guidelines, and best practices, ensuring that her practice is evidence-based. Second, she has excellent communication and interpersonal abilities. When healthcare workers skillfully communicate with patients, families, and the healthcare team, promoting open communication, collaboration, and trust (Banwart, 2020). Her ability to actively listen, sympathize, and explain things clearly fosters a welcoming and inclusive workplace for patients and staff.

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The Advanced Practice Nurse as a Mentor Paper

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Nurse Mary is also a role model for professionalism and ethical practice. When mentors maintain the most incredible levels of integrity, respect, and ethical behavior, which influence the behavior and attitudes of others around them (Dennis, 2022). She advocates for patient rights, confidentiality, and autonomy and bases her decisions on ethical values. Given my role and obligation as a future DNP-prepared nurse, I understand the significance of mentoring and precepting the next generation of nurses. The primary responsibility of a mentor or preceptor is to provide rookie nurse practitioners with guidance, support, and information (Mijares & Radovich, 2020). I would attempt to create a good and empowering learning atmosphere for them, fostering professional development, critical thinking, and the development of clinical abilities. In this capacity, I am responsible for sharing my expertise, knowledge of evidence-based practice, and clinical experiences. I would mentor new nurse practitioners as they navigate challenging patient care scenarios, ethical quandaries, and interprofessional collaboration. Furthermore, I would underline the importance of ongoing learning, self-reflection, and professional development.

As a DNP-prepared nurse, I would strive to create a collaborative and welcoming learning environment that values diversity, cultural sensitivity, and multidisciplinary collaboration. Recognizing each novice nurse practitioner’s particular strengths and learning requirements, I would modify my mentoring approach, giving personalized support and advice.

Nurse Mary and other experienced nurses have been invaluable mentors in my progress as a DNP candidate. Their leadership skills, such as clinical expertise, good communication, professionalism, and ethical practice, are attributes I would like to imitate if I take on a mentorship or preceptor role. As a future DNP-prepared nurse, I am responsible for mentoring and precepting the next generation of nurses, nurturing their growth, providing direction, and sharing knowledge to ensure their success and the progress of patient-centered care.


Banwart, M. (2020). Communication studies: Effective communication leads to effective leadership. New Directions for Student Leadership, 2020(165), 87–97.

Dennis, V. (2022). The value of mentorship in nursing. AORN Journal, 116(3), 215–217.

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The Advanced Practice Nurse as a Mentor



The purpose of this discussion is to evaluate the leadership skills and competencies needed to be an effective mentor or preceptor to promote interprofessional collaboration.


Reflect on the lesson and readings this week and respond to the following:

Identify a nurse or nurses you know who may be valuable mentors for you and support your development and growth as a DNP-prepared nurse.

Evaluate leadership characteristics the nurse or nurses possess that you would want to emulate if you were asked to be a mentor or preceptor for a novice nurse practitioner.

Examine your role and responsibility as a future DNP-prepared nurse in mentoring or precepting the next generation of nurses.

Please click on the following link to review the DNP Discussion Guidelines on the Student Resource Center program page:

Link (webpage): DNP Discussion GuidelinesLinks to an external site.

Program Competencies

This discussion enables the student to meet the following program outcomes:

Applies organizational and system leadership skills to affect systemic changes in corporate culture and to promote continuous improvement in clinical outcomes. (PO 6)

Appraises current information systems and technologies to improve health care. (POs 6, 7)

Analyzes health care policies to advocate for equitable health care and social justice to all populations and those at risk due to social determinants of health. (POs 2, 9)

Creates a supportive organizational culture for flourishing collaborative teams to facilitate clinical disease prevention and promote population health at all system levels. (PO 8)

Translates a synthesis of research and population data to support preventative care and improve the nation’s health. (PO 1)

Leads others in professional identity, advanced clinical judgment, systems thinking, resilience, and accountability in selecting, implementing, and evaluating clinical care. (POs 1, 4)

Course Outcomes

This discussion enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

Apply leadership practices that support interprofessional collaborative practice and team effectiveness. (PCs 2, 4, 5, 6, 8; POs 2, 4, 6, 8)

Apply ethical leadership to the role of the advanced practice nurse. (PCs 7, 8; POs 1, 4)


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The Advanced Practice Nurse as a Mentor Paper

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