Worldview and Nursing Process Personal Statement Discussion Paper

Worldview and Nursing Process Personal Statement Discussion Paper

Worldview and Nursing Process Personal Statement Discussion Paper

Nurses play an important role as first line representation of the healthcare system and delivery of safe, quality and cost-effective care based on efficient systems. Nurses practice based on their worldview and what they perceive as essential in care provision (Butts & Karen, 2018). A worldview entails a set of beliefs and assumptions which express how cultures and different people interpret and explain their lived experiences and perspectives on certain subjects. An individual’s worldview is usually influenced through a collection of beliefs and assumptions that one possess concerning their life and the world around them (Brewington & Godfrey, 2020). The purpose of this paper is to discuss my worldview founded on various elements that include spirituality and culture which impact my personal practice philosophy and attitude towards patient care. The paper also explains a nursing theory that aligns with my worldview. In its final part, the paper discusses the influence my worldview and the nursing theory in developing my future practice.

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Personal Worldview

A personal worldview and its articulation are essential as they allow one to develop their nursing practice philosophy leading to their influence on both patients and the nursing profession. Nurses’ interpretation and explanation of their experiences depend on their worldviews as they offer an ontological or phenomenological perspective of their profession and its impact on patients and the overall healthcare sector (Brewington & Godfrey, 2020). Different elements shape my worldview of nursing and impact the development of personal practice philosophy and attitude towards patients.

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Worldview and Nursing Process Personal Statement Discussion Paper

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My personal worldview is based on the perspective that nursing is a calling aimed at providing holistic care to patients. My worldview postulates that showing love and real affection, empathy and providing the best care are core aspects and values that nurses must practice and nurture because patients come from diverse cultural, religious, and spiritual backgrounds. I believe that one must connect with their spirituality and what they consider as essential and gives them motivation to forge ahead. My worldview is that as individuals, we have a duty to make the world better and offer the best we can to help others attain positive outcomes when they are in distress and strain associated with medical care.

Culture has an essential role in shaping one’s perspective or personal philosophy of practice and nurturing the right attitude towards patients (Wilson et al., 2018). My cultural upbringing emphasizes respect, humility, and being ready to understand other people based on their diversity. My spirituality is about getting connected to the highest ideals of life through meditation and reflection and mindfulness to offer the best care based on realties in any situation (Butts & Karen, 2018). I consider patients as important because of their inherent value and dignity as human beings.

I believe that we are all equal by virtue of being human beings. The racial, social and economic differences are only but superficial creations aimed at attainment of sectarian goals. Therefore, my personal philosophy of practice is that we are equal and deserve equal treatment as human. As a nurse, I should love my patients and provide the best care. I believe in cultural diversity and competency so that I can provide the best requisite care to my patients.

Nursing Theory: Similarities, Reinforcement & Example in Practice

At the core of nursing is caring for humanity and communities with the goal of serving them to have better and quality health. Nurses have a duty to care for patients and ensure that they get better. Imperatively, the most appropriate nursing theory that aligns with my personal philosophy of practice as well as approach to patient care is Jean Watson’s theory of human caring.

The human caring theory advances that nursing is a caring profession that promotes the free flow of energy from the body, mind and spirit which help in the recovery process (Miller, 2020). Watson’s theoretical model asserts that the role of a nurse is to promote patient health, prevent occurrence of diseases, provide care, and restore optimal healthy functioning. Watson also considers the significance of innovation in care delivery and how nurses should work collaboratively with others to meet patient needs and the best ways to meet them.

Watson’s theory postulates that caring is the foundation of effective and efficient innovative abilities of a nurse to practice and offer best care. The ten curative factors in the theory align with some of the values that I possess as part of my nursing practice philosophy. Kindness and altruistic values are essential and I believe that they are critical for nurses to embrace patients, understand their situation and needs and ensure that they can offer the best care (Sitzman, 2018). Watson asserts that nursing care should offer the care that patients require and this is the inspiration behind patients seeking nursing services.

Nursing care is founded on trust and honest relationships and interactions between nurses and patients and their families. This theory aligns with my values of respecting patients, offering holistic care and understanding that all people are equal irrespective of the diversity that they may have based on their race, color, and cultural practices and activities (Grinspun & Bajnok, 2018). The implication is that all patients require similar treatment from nurses. Nurses must offer a healing environment and minister the basic emotional, physical and spiritual needs of patients in the best way to enhance their overall trust.

Like my philosophy, Watson’s theory is emphatic that nursing, person, environment and health are intertwined. The theory and my philosophy all agree that nursing entails caring for people and working towards their healing and full recovery so they can enjoy good health (Watson & Woodward, 2020). Nurses must be innovative and generate better ways to offer care to patients in their practice settings. Therefore, nurses must develop therapeutic interventions and relationships that lead to the restoration of hope, trust, and propagates positive beliefs aimed at healing and wellness.

Reinforcement of my Care Approach by the Theory

The theory reinforces a holistic approach to care based on its main tenets that include the curative factors, transpersonal caring relationships, and the caring occasion. These factors provide certain guidelines that align with the core aspect of caring and promotion of better care. Transpersonal interactions entail the demonstration of positive attitudes towards care and the integration of social and cultural aspects in care delivery (Grinspun & Bajnok, 2018). Consequently, these aspects allow the practice of nursing to be resilient in patient care provision and reinforcement of best care interventions and delivery pathways.

Example of Past Experience based on the Theory

Many people with mental health issues do not get appropriate treatment interventions because of the neglect and increased disruptions due to limited resources (Pfefferbaum & North, 2020). I have encountered many patients in our facility with mental health issues but often neglected because of the stigma associated with some components of the illness. These patients need assurance and care from providers. In many cases when I have encountered these individuals, I have done my part by referring them to mental health experts like the psychiatrists in our facility. My worldview helps me direct them appropriately to get the necessary care since we all need love and as human beings, we are equal and undergo a similar fate in life; death, irrespective of our positions and wealth status.

Future Practice

My worldview and the nursing theory by Watson show the need for nurses to focus on caring for patients and promoting better patient outcomes. My worldview entails values and components that nurses should demonstrate to offer quality and patient-focused care while the caring model implores them to be innovative and ensure that all patients have the best care. These models are essential as they will help me to create a patient-centered and evidence-based practice model for patient care based on values and principles to attain these goals (Butts & Karen, 2018). I will focus on offering better care and consider a patient as an integral part of the nursing practice and profession. The models will shape my future practice as they emphasize the need to enhance my cultural competence and proficiency through skills and knowledge acquisition to improve the quality of care. Watson emphasizes a healing environment which focuses on humanistic approach to care. These models will be critical in my future practice to offer better care to patients and communities.


This reflection paper has illustrated and emphasized the significance of one’s worldview as a professional healthcare provider. Nurses need to develop their worldviews so that they can guide them provide best care interventions for patients in different situations. This reflection paper demonstrates that having a worldview that aligns with a nursing model or theory is essential for effective care delivery and improved patient outcomes. Nurses must conceptualize their approach to care and its effects on overall quality in their settings. A nursing worldview must help one attain the expected outcomes and improve overall interactions with patients.


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Assessment Description
Being able to articulate your personal worldview can help you formulate a personal philosophy of practice and enhance your influence on patients and the industry. In this assignment, you will have an opportunity to reflect on your current and future practice and the ways worldview and nursing theory influence that practice.

Draft a 1,000-1,250 word paper in which you:

Describe your personal worldview, including the religious, spiritual, and cultural elements that you think most influence your personal philosophy of practice and attitude towards patient care.
Choose a specific nursing theory that is most in line with your personal philosophy of practice and approach to patient care and discuss the similarities. Explain how the nursing theory reinforces your approach to care.
Include in your explanation a specific example of a past or current practice and how your worldview and the nursing theory could assist you in resolving this issue.
Finally, explain how your worldview and the nursing theory will assist you in further developing your future practice.
You are required to cite five to 10 sources to complete this assignment. Sources must be published within the last 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and nursing content.

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Worldview and Nursing Process Personal Statement Discussion Paper

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