Discussion: Strategies for Academic Portfolios

Discussion: Strategies for Academic Portfolios

Discussion: Strategies for Academic Portfolios

One strategy to pursue in developing a portfolio would be to focus on academic achievements. This could include documenting my clinical rotations, presenting case studies and poster presentations, or publishing research papers. Another strategy could be to highlight leadership & management experience by showcasing managerial roles within various organizations or detailing committee work/leadership positions I have held. Additionally, emphasizing community involvement can demonstrate a dedication to helping others which can be an important attribute for future clinicians. Finally, highlighting professional development & continuing education shows a commitment to lifelong learning and growth which is essential for any clinician.

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Developing a portfolio that showcases ones academic achievements and demonstrates their alignment with the University’s emphasis on social change may be strategic in pursuing admission to various learning institutions (Doeze et al., 2019). One of the elements in the portfolio/ goals focuses on community-based projects which emphasizes on the university’s goals or plans on social change (Hannans & Olivo, 2017). As an example, one of my recent community-based projects was developing a training curriculum for volunteers working with refugees. This experience was important to me because it demonstrated my ability to think critically about complex social issues and develop strategies for addressing them. The experience is also in line with the university’s emphasis on social change.  

A university’s emphasis on social change can be a powerful impetus for portfolio elements that align with its mission. For example, a university may focus on experiential learning and civic engagement as key components of their undergraduate experience (McMillan et al., 2014). This focus is evident in the many opportunities students have to work with local organizations and businesses and to take part in meaningful community service projects. Graduates should thus be well-prepared to make a difference in the world. They should understand the importance of working collaboratively toward common goals.

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Discussion: Strategies for Academic Portfolios

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In the realm of marketing, a successful branding strategy is one of the most important contributors to organizational success. A solid branding strategy can help add visibility and credibility to a company€™s products.

Similarly, nurse-scholars can build a personal brand to add visibility and credibility to their work. You can begin building your brand by developing and maintaining an academic portfolio. Such an activity can help share the results of your efforts and contribute to your success. This Week€™s Discussion asks you to consider and share strategies for building your portfolio.

Note: Unless otherwise noted, initial postings to Discussions are due on or before Day 3, and response postings are due on or before Day 6. You are required to participate in the Discussion on at least three different days (a different day for main post and each response). It is important to adhere to the weekly time frame to allow others ample time to respond to your posting. In addition, you are expected to respond to questions directed toward your own initial posting in a timely manner.

To Prepare:

Reflect on strategies that you can pursue in developing portfolios or portfolio elements that focus on academic achievements.
Review one or more samples from your own research of resources focused on portfolio development.
By Day 3

*******Post an explanation of at least two strategies for including academic activities and accomplishments into your professional development goals. Then, explain how those goals may align with the University’s emphasis on social change. Be specific and provide examples******(These are the questions that need to be answered please)**

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Discussion: Strategies for Academic Portfolios

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