NUR674 Week 12 Leadership Journal Template

NUR674 Week 12 Leadership Journal Template

NUR674 Week 12 Leadership Journal Template

My practicum project mainly focuses on understanding the need for managers to maintain a good work-life balance. In the line of practice, most nurses are normally overwhelmed which can lead to burnout, undermining the quality of care provided. As such, my preceptor reiterated the need to adopt appropriate strategies to balance work and personal life. For instance, as part of my preceptor’s role as a leader, she ensured that there were no chaotic shifts or long working hours and overtime, to guarantee that the work environment was conducive to promoting good mental health and avoiding burnout and stress among nursing staff. This was one of the strategies that leaders need to adopt to promote a good work-life balance. At the individual level, my preceptor gave us some tips on how to promote a good work-life balance. Some of these tips include setting personal goals, being able to say no, practicing self-care, appropriate time management, setting limits at work, and accepting what you cannot change among others (Lamprinou et al., 2021). Most of my colleagues seemed to have well adopted these strategies, based on their mood and motivation displayed at work, except for the newly employed nurses who seemed a little bit frustrated and confused. Maintaining a good work-life balance is key in promoting nursing morale and motivation to provide safe and quality care to the diverse patient population.

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 Application of Leadership:

From my observation, my preceptor utilized the servant leadership style to ensure that the workflow is effective while maintaining a good work-life balance. I was able to pick up several appropriate leadership competencies and skills. Some of these competencies include stewardship, listening, foresight, empathy, conceptualization, persuasion, and awareness (Merdiaty et al., 2019). Servant leaders must serve their followers and not control or manipulate them. The leader must always be humble and understanding and ensure that he or she engages with staff members at a personal level to promote a positive working environment.

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NUR674 Week 12 Leadership Journal Template

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            As a nurse leader, I have always ensured that I engage adequately with my staff members with good communication skills, to promote shared decision making, This way, all nurses can work based on a reasonable working schedule with which they are all comfortable. I also avoid instances where nurses are overworked or feel overwhelmed to promote their morale which is crucial in improving the quality of care provided (Best, 2020). In case of conflict, I am always democratic, where the involved nurses are heard equally, and a solution is agreed upon without any favor. I have also learned the art of appreciating my team member in case of hard work to boost their morale and promote innovation in providing optimal care.

Practicum Project Preparation:

At the beginning of this practicum experience, I came up with goals and objectives to guide my daily activities and monitor my progress. As part of my evaluation and adjustment plan, I will report on the extent to which I have achieved each goal and objective and come up with strategies to work on my areas of shortcomings. I will also list all the clinical skills and competencies that I intended to gain from this practicum and come up with a scoring guide to determine how I have achieved each of them (Hu et al., 2022). Some of these goals and objectives include identifying and adopting appropriate strategies to promote a good work-life balance. For instance, every week, I would work for 10 hours daily for only 4 days, to make sure that I have adequate time to concentrate also on my personal life. Part of my evaluation plan will also rely on the feedback that will be provided by my preceptor. Both positive and negative feedback will be used to identify areas of strength and weaknesses for the development of my adjustment plan. Once I have been able to identify my areas of shortcomings, I will need to communicate with my preceptor for additional time to work on them.

Leadership Video Reflection:

            In the video on ‘servant leadership – issue of example’ the speaker begins by defining leadership as influence. He uses the biblical aspect by mentioning Jesus as the perfect example of a servant leader. The first lesson learned from this video is that followers usually learn from their leaders to perform tasks, by imitating their actions. As such, a good servant leader must serve as a good example to his or her followers (Servant Leadership – the Issue of Example [Cc], n.d.). The speaker uses the example of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet so that they could do the same and display humility among others. The second lesson is that leaders must teach their followers to observe what they do, to inspire them. The speaker reiterates the need for leaders to mean what they say and do as they promise as the most powerful influence on their followers


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Servant Leadership – The Issue Of Example [cc]. (n.d.). Retrieved June 28, 2022, from 6Zf6Q__&index=6

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Assessment Description
Journaling provides a valuable tool for recording, reflecting on, and reviewing your learning. This approach provides an opportunity for you to “connect the dots” and observe the relationships between and among activities, interactions, and outcomes.

Unlike a personal journal of thoughts and feelings, this leadership journal is a record of your activities, assessments, and learning related to this academic experience.

Journal entries should include a record of the number of hours spent with your nurse leader each week.

Write a journal entry of 750-1,500 words on the subject of serving, including the following:

Practicum Activities Reflection: Provide observations and thoughts on the activities in your practicum setting during Weeks 10 & 11 (***Include topics such as staff education, building team work).

Application of Leadership: Identify three to five personal values or characteristics that you believe are critical components of a good leader, such as honesty, compassion, or fairness. How do you express those values in your professional life?

Practicum Project Preparation: Create an evaluation and adjustment plan for the practicum project.

Leadership Video Reflection: Reflect on at least two things you learned from the “Servant Leadership – Issue of Example” video.

Use the “Leadership Journal Template” to complete this assignment. (***I will attach it)

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. A link to the LopesWrite technical support articles is located in Class Resources if you need assistance.

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NUR674 Week 12 Leadership Journal Template

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